70cc Baja Dirt Bike Overview: Top Speed & Price

The Dirt Runner 70, which is commonly known as the 70cc Baja dirt bike, is one of the most popular off-road bikes ever made. The sport design and powerful 70cc 4-stroke engine made the dirt bike a beast on the trail. What’s really cool about the Dirt Runner 70 is the fact that it’s designed for beginner to intermediate riders. With that said, today I will present an overview of the 70cc Baja dirt bike that showcases the top speed, price, and highlight features.

A 70cc Baja dirt bike reaches a top speed of 40 mph. The top speed will fluctuate around 35 mph depending on the size and the weight of the rider. That’s not all. The 70cc Baja dirt bike will not reach 40 mph if it’s going on rugged off-road terrains, and instead, it will only top at 40 mph on good roads. The average price for a used 70cc Baja dirt bike is $500 to $550. The dirt bike has been discontinued by Baja Motorsports and you can only get them used. However, this is not a bad deal since the Dirt Runner 70 is a sturdy model.

Do you want to get a used 70cc Baja dirt bike and are not sure if it’s worth the money? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced off-road rider, today I will help you make the right decision by showcasing everything there is to know about this dirt bike.

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How Fast Does a 70cc Baja Dirt Bike Go?

The maximum speed that a 70cc Baja dirt bike can reach is 40 mph. While this might not seem super fast when compared to four-wheelers like that 2022 Yamaha Raptor 700 that tops at 136 mph, it’s important to highlight that riding at 40 mph on a dirt bike is a different experience! In fact, riding a 70cc Baja dirt bike at 40 mph while off-road is a truly adrenaline-fueled experience. However, the top speed that the Dirt Runner 70 depends on the size of the rider and the terrain. If the terrain is filled with bumps, the dirt bike will reach around 30 mph.

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How Much is a Baja 70cc Dirt Bike?

The price for a 70cc Baja dirt bike is $500-$550. The popular Dirt Runner 70 model was discontinued by Baja Motors and now, you can only get the dirt bike used. On the bright side of things, the 70cc Baja dirt bike is a sturdy model that is built to last. Thanks to this, you can still find hundreds of Dirt Runner 70 models on the used dirt bike market. Since there are so many models on the market, finding 70cc Baja dirt bike parts is also super easy. As a result, you can quickly change any parts if you know your way around a bike.

Are you planning to buy a used dirt bike? It’s important to know what is high mileage so that you avoid getting scammed or ending up with a dirt bike that needs hundreds of dollars in repairs. I have you covered! I wrote a full guide that showcases what to check for when buying a used dirt bike. Read now!

What Age is a 70cc Dirt Bike For?

In general, 70cc dirt bikes are designed for kids 7 to 13 years old. However, some bigger models like the Dirt Runner 70 from Baja Motors are also great for adults. Thanks to their size and engine power, 70cc dirt bikes are best used by beginner to intermediate riders.

If you are curious about my advice when it comes to choosing the right dirt bike, I would say that kids should ride dirt bikes that are a bit smaller. Even though kids starting 11-years-old can compete in various motocross competitions, it’s best to get them started with smaller with a smaller dirt bike that they can easily control. Check out this article where I present the best age to start riding a dirt bike.

How Fast Does a Baja 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

In general, a 50cc Baja Dirt Bike will reach a top speed of 30 to 35 mph. Even though this top speed might not seem that impressive, it’s quite fast when considering that 50cc Baja Dirt Bikes are designed for young riders who are inexperienced.

Where Are Baja Dirt Dikes Made?

Baja Motorsports is an American company that designs all its products in the United States. However, the parts and products are not manufactured in the United States. Baja dirt bikes are made in state-of-the-art factories located in Asia. You can find more information about the origin of Baja dirt bikes and how they are built to last in this document here that is provided by the manufacturer.

Final Words

Whether you are a new or an experienced rider, you will have a bast on a 70cc Baja dirt bike. These two-wheelers are designed for off-road fun and you can feel this right from the moment that you get on one. I highly recommend getting a used 70cc Baja dirt bike as a beginner because it doesn’t cost that much and you can find parts all over the country.

Another great reason to get the 70cc Baja dirt bike when getting started with off-road riding is the top speed that it reaches. The popular Dirt Runner 70 model tops at 40 mph, which is more than you will ever need to have fun while riding a dirt bike.

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