About Us

I fell in love with ATV riding from an early age. It all started when a friend suggested that we should rent out ATVs on go trail riding for the weekend. I loved traveling on the unbeaten path so much that it took just a couple of months for me to finally convince my parents to get me my first four-wheeler. Now, I own three four-wheelers and love nothing more than riding on mountain trails during hot summer days. Whether I am recommending ATVs or showing people how to switch gears, I always try my best to help friends and family members get into outdoor adventures. This is why you can always expect that any information you find on ATV Outdoors is highly researched and vetted. 

two couples posing on ATVs
A picture that shows how much fun my family has when we go riding on mountain trails

My goal for ATV Outdoors is to create a blog that is considered a “go to” website for all questions people might have about four-wheelers and other outdoor activities. For example, I also enjoy riding dirt bikes on muddy roads when I want something that is a bit faster than an ATV. I accumulated lots of knowledge about outdoor activities through my years of being an ATV rider, but that’s not all. I am always reading about the latest ATV models in order to create comprehensive how to guides and gear reviews. If you have any specific questions about ATVs that are not answered on my blog, you can get in touch with me via email and I will do my best to help you out. I am available at bobtheatvguy@gmail.com

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