Are Chinese ATVs Good? Ultimate Guide for Chinese ATVs & Top Brands

There are many reputable companies that make good ATVs and the best ones are usually based in the United States. On the flip side, getting an ATV from a manufacturer like Can-Am or Polaris might set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Luckily, there are many other companies that sell four-wheelers for affordable prices. You probably heard about Chinese ATVs before and today, I will help you find out if they are any good or not.

Even though people think that everything made in China is of poor quality, this is not true for ATVs. Chinese ATVs are good and they sell for affordable prices. There are also premium Chinese brands, like Coolster and TaoTao, that make some of the world’s best four wheelers. Choosing to go for a Chinese ATV means that you will get a cheaper price and that you will have to compromise on engine power and durability. However, this doesn’t mean that the ATV will break in half after a couple of rides. Just that it doesn’t use the same materials as a $10,000 Can-Am or Polaris.

Chinese brands are taking over the ATV market, and there is a good reason for that. The Chinese four wheelers sell for competitive prices without dropping too much in terms of quality. Today I will give you a rundown of the top ATV brands and present a more detailed answer to why Chinese ATVs can actually be good.

Are Chinese ATVs Any Good?

Coolster ATV

Are you planning to get an ATV and don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, while also not choosing to go for a used model? This is probably how you ended up researching Chinese four wheelers and trying to determine if they are any good or not. Don’t worry, I’ve been here myself. Buying an ATV is a big investment and choosing to pick a model that is manufactured by a foreign brand can be scary. You have to worry about the quality of the product and about how difficult it will be to ship Chinese ATV parts over in case something breaks.

Let’s get this clear right from the start. Chinese ATVs are good. You won’t end up buying a Coolster ATV-3175S and it will stop working in one week. The four wheelers are built for rugged terrains, and therefore they will last a long time. However, Chinese manufacturers need to make some compromises in order to lower the prices and compete against top brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Can-Am. So, you will see some downgrades in materials like using cheaper plastic instead of carbon fiber and so on.

In a conclusion, Chinese ATVs are good if you are searching for a cheap four-wheeler that will get the job done. You will not be competing against the likes of Yamaha in terms of speed or durability, but the Chinese ATV will be reliable. The only real problem that you will deal with is getting used Chinese ATV parts. Since they are not manufactured in the states, you will have to pay an extra shipping fee. That’s not all! You will also need to wait a while until they arrive. On the bright side of things, you can also choose to contact resellers who might have the parts you are looking for.

Another thing that you should consider is to search for cheap ATVs from popular brands. In fact, I wrote an article about the top 3 cheapest four wheelers that will get you the best for the money. Check out the article if you want to know just how low an ATV from Honda, Kawasi, and Polaris goes for.

Benefits of Buying Chinese ATVs

If you are still undecided if you should go for a Chinese ATV or not, you don’t need to stress about it because I will help you make the right decision. Below you can find a list of the top pros and cons of buying a Chinese quad.

  • Good Price

Starting with the obvious, you will get a good price if you buy a Chinese ATV. The only reason why foreign brands are taking over the US market with their products is because they sell for affordable prices. ATVs are not an exception to that rule going for prices as low as $599.

  • Lots of Options

Another benefit of choosing to buy a Chinese ATV is the fact that you have lots of options. Top brands like Coolster and Tao Tao are selling many models that are ideal for different types of activities. Starting with four wheelers for kids and ending with big models designed to ride mountain trails, you will find lots of options.

The Downside of Buying Chinese ATVs

You shouldn’t let the cheap price fool you into thinking that there are no downsides to buying a Chinese ATVs. Below you can find the biggest cons:

  • Imported Parts

As previously mentioned, getting Chinese ATV parts is not going to be easy. They are not readily available at your local hardware store and instead, you need to place a special import order for them. Thanks to this, you will have to pay an import tax and wait a couple of weeks (if not months) for the parts to arrive. However, there is always the chance to find these parts at resellers located in your country as well.

  • Special Repairs

What many people fail to take into consideration when buying Chinese products is that they don’t usually come with an English instruction manual. Unfortunately, most mechanics are not that well-versed in repairing Chinese four wheelers. Therefore, it’s going to be difficult to find a shop that knows how to fix ATV problems. Although, this is not rocket science and any good mechanic will figure out any problems.

What is the Most Reliable Chinese ATV?

The Coolster ATV-3175S is the most reliable Chinese four wheelers. The TV uses a 170cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, engine that is air-cooled that delivers great power to the rear-wheel-drive system. The Chinese ATV uses an electric starting system and what makes it so reliable is the fact that it’s built from premium materials. Take for example the chrome-plated rims, rear utility rack, and sporty design that will surely please both new and experienced riders.

Below you can find a video from DoItYourselfDad that reviews some of the best Chinese ATVs:

What is the Best Chinese ATV Brand?

If you are going to buy a Chinese ATV in order to get a better price, you might as well choose the best Chinese brand.


Coolster is a renowned Chinese ATV distributer that makes some of the best four wheelers and dirt bikes on the market. This is the best Chinese ATV brand and its bestselling products are the Coolster ATV-3175S and Coolster ATV-3150CXC. What makes this company stand out from the likes of TaoTao and the others is the fact that it doesn’t make any compromises in terms of engine power. Whether you will choose to get a Coolster ATV that is fueled by a 150cc or 175cc engine, you will feel the power.

Another reason why Coolster is considered to be the best Chinese ATV brand is that thanks to its popularity, it can be quite easy to get ATV parts if you need them. You are not restricted to imports. There are many ATV resellers and mechanic’s shop that have been working with the Coolster brand and this makes it easy to get repairs or upgrades if needed.  I also want to highlight that the Coolster ATV-3175S and Coolster ATV-3150CX are known for their high-end performance. They are fueled by fierce engines and use a great suspension system.

List of Chinese ATV Brands

Coolster Logo

Below you can find a list of the top Chinese brands that import quads to the US and Europe:

  • Coolster;
  • TaoTao
  • Yongkang Jingbang;
  • X-Pro;
  • Shenzen HFX Technology;
  • Trickster;
  • Dongfeng;
  • Yongkang Jinling Vehicle;
  • Zhejiang Zhenglong Sports;
  • Apollo;
  • Yiwu Licong E-Commerge;
  • Mountopz;
  • Yongkang Kenuolei Industryl;
  • Hangzhou High;
  • Wuy Smart Vehicle;
  • Yongkang Vicoo Industry;
  • Jinhua Bode Industry;
  • Wuhan Glory Union;
  • Wuyi Amoto Technology;
  • Jinjua Teamwork.

Should You Buy a Chinese ATV?

Chinese four wheelers are reliable and if you want to get a great price when buying a quad, you should consider buying a Chinese ATV. They are designed to provide the maximum performance possible while also offering you the best bang for your buck. The price difference is quite significant. A quad from a top US company like Polaris goes for around $10,000 while you can get a premium Chinese ATV for even more than half the price.

The only real problem that you need to consider when buying a Chinese ATV is that extra parts are sometimes difficult to come by. Although, this will not be something that you need to worry about if you go for quad made by a top Chinese brand like Coolster or TaoTao, for example. The second problem is that Chinese four wheelers are smaller in size. This means that you might not be able to bring as much gear on them as you would with a $10,000 ATV from Polaris or Can-Am.

Chinese ATVs are not the only ones that have problems. In fact, I wrote an article about the top 6 Can-Am problems that every rider needs to know about. You can learn about them and best fixing methods by clicking here.

Is Polaris Made in China?

Polaris is one of the most popular ATV manufacturers in the US. The company is based in Roseau, Minnesota, USA and it’s the majority of the components it uses to build ATVs are made in Osceola, Wisconsin. Therefore, Polaris is a true American company. The reason why people are wondering if Polaris makes ATVs in China is because the company owns a subsidiary named Hammerhead.

Hammerhead makes gasoline powered go-karts, electric utility vehicles, and light utility vehicles that are manufactured in Shanghai. Even though the products made by Hammerhead are being assembled in a Chinese factory, this has nothing to do with the ATVs that Polaris makes.

Here is what Scott Wine, Polaris Chairman, and CEO, said about the company’s acquisition of Hammerhead and their future plans:

“Hammerhead provides Polaris with a unique opportunity to expand both our international manufacturing footprint and our armada of off-road products. We are impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation of the Hammerhead team, and look forward to pursuing new customers in new markets with their high-quality and low-cost off-road vehicles.  We are excited to establish Polaris’ operational footprint in China and believe the opportunities for further international growth are significant.” –Click here for statement source

Final Words

I went over all of the most asked questions about Chinese ATVs. Starting with if they are a good investment and clearing up the rumors around Polaris being made in China, I hope that I answered all your questions about this topic. When I was younger and first getting started in the hobby of riding ATVs and dirt bikes, money was tight and I know that buying a Can-Am or Polaris is not going to be easy for most riders. This is why in conclusion, buying a Chinese ATV is worth it. You can always choose to upgrade to a US-made vehicle once you get more serious about this sport and would like to take it to the next level and ride mountain trails.

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