Are Chinese ATVs Good? Ultimate Guide for Chinese ATVs & Top Brands

There are many reputable companies that make good ATVs and the best ones are usually based in the United States. On the flip side, getting an ATV from a US manufacturer can set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Luckily, there are Chinese ATV brands that sell quads for affordable prices.

Chinese ATVs are good. Products from China are infamous for being of poor quality, but this is not true for ATVs. There are premium Chinese ATVs brands like Coolster and TaoTao that make some of the world’s best ATVs. In addition, Chinese ATVs are cheaper than big brands like Can-Am, Yamaha, or Polaris.

Chinese brands are taking over the ATV market, and there is a good reason for that. The Chinese four wheelers sell for competitive prices without making comprosies on quality. Today I will give you a rundown of the top ATV brands and present a more detailed answer to why Chinese ATVs can actually be good.

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Are Chinese ATVs Any Good?

Coolster ATV

Are you thinking of buying an ATV but are running on a tight budget? Chinese ATVs are a fantastic choice. Brands like Coolster sell for affordable prices and are made to last. In fact, there are more advantages to choosing a Chinese brand than a popular ATV from the likes of Can-Am. Besides the good price Chinese ATVs are known for, it’s also easier to find parts for them. In case something brakes, it will be easier and cheaper to find off-market parts at the local auto shop.

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The reason people are worried that Chinese ATVs might not be good is because of products that you find on websites like Alibaba. What people need to keep in mind is that ATVs are powerful vehicles build to ride on rugged terrains. Best Chinese ATV manufacturers like Coolster, TaoTao, X-Pro, Apollo, and Mountopz make top-tier ATVs that can hang with the best.

I need to highlight that if cheap prices are what you are looking for, you are not limited to Chinese ATVs. You can buy amazing ATVs for less than $5,000 that are made by brands like Kawasaki, FourTrax and Arctic Cat, among others.

Benefits of Buying Chinese ATVs

If you are still undecided if you should go for a Chinese ATV or not, you don’t need to stress about it because I will help you make the right decision. Below you can find a list of the top pros and cons of buying a Chinese quad.

  • Good Price

Starting with the obvious, you will get a good price if you buy a Chinese ATV. The only reason why foreign brands are taking over the US market with their products is because they sell for affordable prices. ATVs are not an exception to that rule going for prices as low as $599.

  • Lots of Options

Another benefit of choosing to buy a Chinese ATV is the fact that you have lots of options. Starting with four-wheelers for kids and ending with big models designed to ride mountain trails, you will find lots of options.

The Downside of Buying Chinese ATVs

You shouldn’t let the cheap price fool you into thinking that there are no downsides to buying a Chinese ATVs. Below you can find the biggest cons:

  • Imported Parts

Since Chinese ATV companies don’t make their four-wheelers in the US or Europe, you will have to import parts if something breaks. However, this is only required if you want to use original parts. Chinese ATVs are built to be compatible with off-market parts.

  • Special Repairs

What takes most people by surprise when they purchase a Chinese ATV is the fact that the manual is not always in English. Although, ATV engines are not rocket science and any good mechanic will figure out any problems.

What is the Most Reliable Chinese ATV?

The Coolster ATV-3175S is the most reliable Chinese four wheelers. The TV uses a 170cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, engine that is air-cooled that delivers great power to the rear-wheel-drive system. The Chinese ATV uses an electric starting system and what makes it so reliable is the fact that it’s built from premium materials. Take for example the chrome-plated rims, rear utility rack, and sporty design that will surely please both new and experienced riders.

Below you can find a video from DoItYourselfDad that reviews some of the best Chinese ATVs:

What is the Best Chinese ATV Brand?

If you plan to buy a Chinese ATV and want to make sure that it’s a premium model, then you need to go with the best Chinese ATV. The best Chinese ATV brand is Coolster. The company’s most popular models are the Coolster ATV-3175S and Coolster ATV-3150CXC. What I really like about the ATVs made by Coolster is that their engines are optimized for torque. Therefore, you will be able to conquer any off-road challenge you wish. The second best Chinese ATV brand is Tao Tao. I actually got my hands on a Tao Tao ATV and wrote a dedicated guide that shows how to fix some common problems.

List of Chinese ATV Brands

Coolster Logo

Below you can find a list of the top Chinese brands that import quads to the US and Europe:

  • Coolster;
  • TaoTao
  • Yongkang Jingbang;
  • X-Pro;
  • Shenzen HFX Technology;
  • Trickster;
  • Dongfeng;
  • Yongkang Jinling Vehicle;
  • Zhejiang Zhenglong Sports;
  • Apollo;
  • Yiwu Licong E-Commerge;
  • Mountopz;
  • Yongkang Kenuolei Industryl;
  • Hangzhou High;
  • Wuy Smart Vehicle;
  • Yongkang Vicoo Industry;
  • Jinhua Bode Industry;
  • Wuhan Glory Union;
  • Wuyi Amoto Technology;
  • Jinjua Teamwork.

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