Best ATV Under $5,000: Great budget-friendly choices!

As amazing as outdoor riding can be, I have to admit that there is a downside to it. Dirt bikes and four-wheelers are quite expensive. The entry point is usually over $5,000 and this makes it challenging for people to get into the sport and they are forced to keep renting quads. On the bright side of things, there is a long list of ATVs under $5,000 and they are really good.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a  great ATV that offers premium features. There are many fantastic options under $5,000 and the Kawaski Brute Force 300 is the best one. The Kawaski Brute Force 300 price starts at $4,299 and the four-wheeler is equipped with a bundle of premium features like a 271cc engine, multi-functional display, comfortable suspension system, and automatic transmission. A close runner-up is the 2021 Honda FourTrax Recon which comes with a 250-close engine and a cool looking design.

While there are quite a few ATVs under $5,000 on the market, finding out which is the best for you can be tricky. Here is where this article comes in. Let’s go ahead and check out the top 5 best quads under $5,000.

Top 5 Best ATV Under $5,000

If you spend one hour on Google searching for ATVs under $5,000, you will end up with around 15 models. However, most of them are foreign brands and their performances are questionable, to say the least. This is why I focused on only finding 5 great models. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

#1 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 ($4,299)

Kawasaki Brute Force 300

In my opinion, the Kawasaki Brute Force 300 is one of the best affordable ATVs that you can get. In fact, it’s featured in this top 3 cheapest four-wheeler article I wrote last year. The starting price for the Kawaski Brute Force 300 is $4,299 and as previously mentioned in the intro, it comes with a bunch of premium features that you usually see on high-end quads. The 271cc 4-stroke, 1cylinder engine delivers more than enough power required to ride on all types of terrains. Whether you like going on mountain or forest trails, the Kawasaki Brute Force 300 is a great choice.

The Kawasaki Brute Force 300 is not only a budget-friendly ATV, but it’s also a good choice for beginners. The ATV is equipped with a CVT (continuously variable) transmission system that makes riding on rugged terrains a smooth experience. Talking about smooth experiences, I want to mention that the ATV comes with single shock rear suspension and independent A-arm front suspension that make running over bumps fun. Another feature that you will notice right from the moment that you get on the ATV is the multi-functional display that shows all the essential information.

#2 FourTrax Recon ($4,299)

FourTrax Recon

With a starting price of $4,299, FourTrax Recon falls into the same category as the Kawasaki Brute Force 300. What makes the FourTrax Recon stand out is the awesome looking design that it offers. You will definitely feel cool when riding the FourTrax Recon, but that’s not all. The ATV features two rails on the front and rear sides that can be used to haul gear. Thus, making the FourTrax Recon a perfect choice for hunting or camping trips.

The FourTrax Recon is fueled by a 229cc engine that is paired to a five-speed with reverse transmission system. Moreover, the transmission uses an automatic clutch to make it easier for riders to change gears. The engine reaches a top speed of 45mph according to the owner’s book and it can max out at around 50mph if the road is good. Safety is always the highest priority when riding ATVs and if you choose to go for the FourTrax Recon, brakes will not be a concern. The ATV is equipped with a dual-sealed hydraulic drum and rear brakes that ensure maximum control when stopping.

#3 Can-Am DS 250 ($4,599)

an-Am DS 250

Can-Am is one of the biggest ATV manufacturers in the world and therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has also launched a mid-budget ATV. The four-wheeler is called Can-Am DS 250 and it comes with a starting price of $4,599. The price tag is a bit higher than the previous quads, but the Can-Am DS 250 makes up for that with premium materials and features such as electric start, drive train (chain driver), and 22inch front wheels. The ATV comes with a 250cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine that is liquid cooled and uses a CVT (continuously variable) transmission system to make switching gears as smooth as possible.

Going over bumps is never going to be a problem for people who are riding the Can-Am DS 250. The ATV is equipped with a double A-arm suspension on the front and a swingarm on the rear side. Therefore, going on rugged terrains is always going to be a pleasure. However, I do need to mention that due to its smaller dimensions, the Can-Am DS 250 is best suited for teenagers. The ATV features the following measurements 72 x 40.5 x 43.5 in. (183 x 103 x 110.5 cm). On the bright side of things, the manufacturers made sure that the quad has a 10.2 inch ground clearance so that it can run over most obstacles that you find on the trail.

#4 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300 ($4,399)

2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300

Arctic Cat is another big brand known for designing some of the best quads on the market, with the 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300 being the perfect example of that. The ATV has a starting price of $4,399 and it uses a 270cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine to reach a top speed of 50 MPH. I highly recommend the 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300 to beginners because it’s super easy to ride, even on bumpy roads where it’s usually harder to stay in control. The “secret” behind the ATV’s smooth maneuverability is the automatic CVT transmission, double A-arm front suspension, and swing-arm style rear suspension. The ATV features five inches of front and rear travel and therefore, bumps will never be a problem for you.

If there is one thing that everyone will agree about the 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300, it has to be the fact that it sports a sleek looking design. The 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300 is equipped with dual halogen headlights and taillights that don’t just look awesome but also do a fantastic job of lighting up the trail to increase visibility. If you take a look at the ATV’s design (featured in the picture above), you will see that it offers two storage places. The front storage supports up to 50 lbs and the rear one 100 lbs. I also want to highlight that the 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 300 has a 500 lbs towing capacity. So, you can bring all the gear you want along for the ride.

#5 Hisun Forge 400 4X4 – $4,799

Hisun Forge 400 4X4

The Hisun Forge 400 4X4 uses a 393cc single-cylinder engine that is paired with an EFI (electrical fuel injection system) that tops out at 50 MPH when riding regular roads. The Hisun Forge 400 4X4 is the most expensive ATV on this list, but there’s a good reason for that. The folks at Hisun have designed a great four-wheeler that can dominate offroad. The automatic CVT transmission is tied to two drive systems (2WD and 4WD) that feature a locking differential on the front side. What’s really cool about the Hisun Forge 400 4X4 is the fact that it comes with adjustable hydraulic shocks. Thanks to this feature, you can take out the ATV on any type of terrain.

While the pictures might not show it, the Hisun Forge 400 4X4 is quite a big ATV. The quad features the following measurements 82.5i x 42 x 46in. and it has a rack capacity of 44 lbs on the front side and 77 lbs on the rear. Moreover, the ATV can tow up to 1,200 lbs and it has a fuel capacity of 2.9 gallons. Since we are talking about the size and capabilities of the Hisun Forge 400 4X4, it’s also important to highlight that the wheels are 25 inches. In addition, you can get the Hisun Forge 400 4X4 in the following color models: Camo (the most popular one), Black Ops, and Cavalry Blue.

What is the Best ATV for the Money?

Picking your first ATV to purchase can be a stressful experience, believe me, I’ve been there. The love for outdoor experiences starts by renting out an ATV, UTV, or dirt bike. After going on trails regularly, you probably decided that it’s time to take this hobby more seriously and invest in a quad of your own. This is also a good thing for your budget because you will spend more money by renting. Nonetheless, the best ATV for the money is the Polaris Sportsman 450.

The pricing for the Polaris Sportsman 450 starts at $6,249 and the quad ships with a plethora of high-end features that make it one of the best four-wheelers on the market. For example, Polaris Sportsman 450 is fueled by a powerful 500cc four-stroke engine that reaches up to 75 MPH! As you can imagine, this is more than enough for an ATV. Some other notable features are the durable build, EFI system, 10.5-inch ground clearance, and 1,225 lbs winch capacity.

What is the Most Reliable ATV Ever?

In my opinion, the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is the most reliable ATV ever made shipping with a massive 1,000cc V-twin engine that is ready to conquer any challenges. Thanks to the powerful engine, you can ride the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R on any imaginable terrain and never have to worry if it has enough pull to get over obstacles.

Another impressive feature that you will love about the Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is the 30-inch tires. They can be used to go through the mud like it’s nothing! The Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is featured on my best ATV for long distance riding list because it comes with a massive fuel tank capacity of 5.4 gallons. So, you can rest assured knowing that Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000R is an ATV that you can rely on.

What is the Cheapest ATV Brand?

This might come as a surprise, but Polaris is one of the cheapest brands for ATVs. The Polaris Sportsman 450 being a great example of that. Obviously, you can go even cheaper. There are all sorts of foreign brands that offer ATVs for just a couple hundred dollars. However, they are not the best quality and you might end up getting ripped off.

If you are choosing to pick an unknown brand, make sure that you do a lot of research before. Cheaper prices usually indicate cheap quality. In case you are looking for a Chines ATV and are curious if they are bad or not, you might want to check out this article I wrote where I highlight the pros and cons of choosing a Chinese ATV. Not all Chinese ATVs are bad and in my article, you can find some of the most reliable foreign ATV brands.

Final Words

There are many great budget ATVs that you can get under $5,000. My list shows the top 5 models that you can get and presents their top features. I hope that after checking it out, you can make a decision and purchase an ATV that will take your offroad experiences to the next level. If you any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll make sure to answer them.

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