Can You Lock a Dirt Bike? Keep Thieves Away!

One of the first questions that I asked myself after deciding what kind of dirt bike I want to purchase is if it could be locked. To my surprise, I quickly found out that there are many ways to lock a dirt bike and today I’ll share them with you.

You can lock a dirt bike to prevent it from being stolen. There are four types of dirt bike locks that you can choose from:

  • Brake lever locks;
  • Brake disc locks;
  • The classic U-Lock (it’s a common lock for bikes);
  • Wheel chock.

While there are multiple ways to lock a dirt bike, not all of them work great. Don’t worry; I will explain why I prefer the brake disc lock over the others. I will also share some tips to help you keep your dirt bike safe from thieves, so stick around for the end.

Can You Lock a Dirt Bike?

Yes, you can lock a dirt bike. Thieves see bikes in general as “easy prey”. The reason behind this is that they can easily put them in a pickup truck and drive away. However, you can prevent this from happening by securing the bike. There are four types of dirt bike locks that you can choose from, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s get into it.

Brake Lever Locks

a yellow Brake Lever Locks placed on a dirt  bike

Brake lever locks are really popular because they are easy to use. It doesn’t take more than one minute to set them up and lock your bike. The way this lock works is that it closes and clamps onto the brakes to keep the wheels from moving. So, if you are looking for an easy way to lock your dirt bike, this is the best option for you.

You can check out this guide, where I present all the ways to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen to learn more about locks. In addition, I also show what you should do in case your bike gets stolen.

Brake Disc Lock

a Brake Disc Lock mounted on a dirt bike

Brake disc locks are a bit more challenging to put on, but you can be sure that the dirt bike will not be wheeled away. My advice is to use this type of lock if you keep the bike parked in front of the house and not in a garage.

The U-Lock

a standard U-Lock for dirt bikes


The U-lock is another simple lock that will keep your dirt bike safe. This is the same locking method that people use when parking regular bikes around the city and want to tie them to a pole or fence. However, I do need to mention that thieves can cut through U-locks fairly easily. This is why you should consider investing in a premium one that is made from durable materials and not regular chain links.

Wheel Chock

a Wheel Chock mounted on a dirt bike front wheel

The last type of lock you can use to keep your dirt bike safe is a wheel chock. This is the same type of locking mechanism that bike parking spaces have. It’s quite efficient because it does a good job of preventing the wheel from moving. However, there is a downside. The wheel chock is big and heavy. Therefore, you can’t bring it everywhere with you. You can have it installed at your home, work, or whatever places you frequent the most.

How Do You Secure a Dirt Bike in the Garage?

The best way to secure a dirt bike in your garage is to use a wheel chock. You should also consider investing in an alarm for your garage. This way, you will be notified instantly if someone is breaking into your garage. That’s not all. Thieves will also be scared if the alarm goes off. When it comes to the quality of the dirt bike lock or wheel chock you should buy, my advice is to get the most expensive one you can afford. The better the quality, the lesser the chances of someone stealing your property.

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Another way to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen is to not tell anyone you have one. If you don’t post on social media or brag to your friends about having a dirt bike, thieves have no way of telling what you have stored inside your garage. In addition, you should keep the door to the garage closed at all times. You don’t want any prying eyes.

Since bike thieves are opportunistic, you should buy an opaque cover that will conceal the dirt bike. Even if the thieves see that you have a dirt bike stored in your garage, they will not be able to tell the model or make. Therefore, discouraging them from trying to steal your dirt bike.

Final Words

As a final thought, you can lock dirt bikes. In fact, there are multiple locks that you can choose from. Investing in a premium lock is always worth it, even if you plan on storing the bike in your garage. Even if it might not be the most powerful lock, it will be more than enough to discourage opportunistic thieves from trying to steal your property.

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