Can You Put Car Tires on an ATV or UTV?(not a good idea)

As I was doing the research for my ATV bolt pattern and tire size chart, a thought came to my mind. Could I put car tires on an ATV or UTV? The reason why I might want to do this is to save money by not having to buy multiple sets of wheels, but my research shows that putting car tires on an ATV or UTV is not a good idea.

You can’t put standard car tires on an ATV. The lug nuts are located in a different place on four-wheelers than on cars. Therefore, car tires will not fit on an ATV. The only way to make them fit is with special modifications that are not worth the time and effort. You will get off cheaper by buying regular ATV tires instead. It’s also important to highlight that by modifying car tires to fit the bolt pattern of ATVs or UTVs, you can put yourself at risk. The safety and durability of the tires will not be reliable.

Are you curious to know exactly why standard car tires don’t work with ATVs or UTVs? Read more because I’ll explain it all in detail (I’ll also include some interesting statistics).

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Can You Put Car Tires on an ATV?

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If you love riding ATVs and do it often, this means that you are going through a new tire set every season. This is why the idea of putting regular car tires on an ATV might pop to mind. Even though being able to use your car’s tires on your quad will help you save money, this is not possible. The car tires just won’t fit an ATV. The bolt pattern of ATV wheels is designed to enhance durability because you will be riding on rugged roads, unlike a car where you are driving on smooth roads.

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While car tires might not fit an ATV, you could still make it work after doing heavy modifications to the tires. But this just wouldn’t be worth it. The amount of time you will spend modifying the car tires to fit the specific ATV bolt pattern will be too long. To make things even worse, modifying a car tire takes away from its durability and safety.

Can You Put Car Tires on a UTV?

The simple answer to whether you can put car tires on a UTV is yes, but it’s not always a straightforward process nor is it typically recommended. Car tires are designed for smooth and consistent surfaces, prioritizing comfort, fuel efficiency, and high-speed stability. In contrast, UTV tires are constructed to handle a variety of terrains, providing traction on loose or slippery surfaces and enduring the hard impacts that come with off-road use. They have deeper treads and a tougher build, designed to withstand punctures from rocks, sticks, and other off-road hazards.

Before considering car tires for a UTV, it is essential to evaluate the intended use of the vehicle. If your UTV will primarily be used for normal, on-road tasks and you are looking to save some money, car tires might be a feasible option. However, be mindful of potential fitment issues; the wheel size and bolt patterns of UTVs and cars often differ, which might require adapters. Additionally, installing car tires could alter the UTV’s handling characteristics, potentially making it less stable due to a change in the vehicle’s center of gravity. Most importantly, remember that using car tires could void your UTV’s warranty and might not meet the safety standards necessary for off-road use.

Can You Put ATV Tires on a Car?

Technically speaking, it might be possible to mount ATV tires on a car, but it is generally not advisable for a multitude of safety and legal reasons. ATV tires are designed specifically for off-road use; they have aggressive tread patterns and a construction that prioritizes durability and traction over smooth ride quality and fuel efficiency. These design features are beneficial for navigating rough, unpaved terrain, but they can result in a harsh and noisy ride when used on paved roads. Additionally, ATV tires are generally not built to sustain the higher speeds that cars are capable of, which could lead to dangerous situations at highway speeds.

From a legal perspective, using ATV tires on a car could make the vehicle non-compliant with road safety regulations, which typically stipulate the types of tires that are permissible for use on public roads. This could result in fines, invalidated insurance, and potential liability in the event of an accident. Moreover, the unique dimensions and specifications of ATV tires might lead to fitment issues with a car’s wheels, leading to improper installation that can jeopardize the vehicle’s handling and stability. Installing ATV tires on a car is likely to void the car’s warranty and may put undue stress on the vehicle’s suspension and steering components, potentially leading to costly repairs down the line. Therefore, while it might be theoretically possible to put ATV tires on a car, it is generally unsafe, potentially illegal, and not recommended.


In conclusion, I always recommend against using car tires on an ATV or UTV. Even though modifying car tires to put them on an ATV might save you some money right now, this can cost you a fortune in the long run. The tire can break and the four-wheeler will get some serious damage or even worse, you could get hurt. In addition, you should make sure always to wear protective gear when riding ATVs, UTVs, or dirt bikes.

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