Do UTVs Need Insurance? (Not in all states!)

One of the first things that shocked me when I got my first UTV is that many states don’t require you to get insurance. This is why I always advise readers to check with their local state laws in order to find out if they need to get insurance or can drive without one. With that said, today I will showcase all there is to know about UTV insurance so that you can make the best decision.

There are many states where UTVs do not need insurance. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get UTV insurance. My advice to everyone (especially beginners) who loves driving UTVs on the trail is to get full insurance that covers bodily injury, property damage, collision coverage, and medical expenses. Even though you will be safe when driving your side by side, there are many things that can go wrong and cause you to get into an accident. This is why it’s better to be safe than sorry, even though the law in your state might not require you to get UTV insurance in order to be street legal.

UTV insurances are optional in many states, but if you don’t have one, you will end up paying a fortune in repairs if you damage the four-wheeler. Without any further ado, I will present a comprehensive review of UTV insurances and show you how to choose the best ones.

Do UTVs Need Insurance?

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Many states do not require UTVs to have insurance in order to be considered street legal. Since road laws are different depending on the state, the best thing you can do is contact your local state police and ask them if your state requires UTVs to be fully insured. This is how you can make sure that you are road legal, and if you get into an accident, you will be covered and don’t run into any troubles with the police.

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Even though you might not be required to get an UTV insurance in your state, I highly advise you to get one. Since you will more than likely drive your side by side on rugged roads, chances are that you will eventually hit the four-wheeler. This is where having an insurance that covers damages will be worth the investment. That’s not all. If you often ride with big groups of friends, it’s quite easy to get hit. Therefore, my advice to all UTV owners is to get an insurance as soon as possible.

Sidenote: It’s important to mention that some private trails and parks for UTVs can require all off-road vehicles to have insurance.

What Does UTV Insurance Cover?

Now that you realized getting an UTV insurance is always a good idea (even if your state’s law doesn’t require it), the next step is to understand what UTV insurance covers. Here is where I come in. While all insurance policies are different depending on the broker you choose to go with, they all share the same core coverage options that are classified as “minimums” by the state. Nonetheless, the list below shows all the coverage options you can get for your UTV:

  • Medical

If you are unlucky and have an accident with your UTV that requires a trip to the hospital, you will be thankful that your UTV insurance comes with medical coverage. All your hospital bills that are results from the UTV accident will be paid for by the insurance provider.

  • Collision

Collision coverage means that the insurance broker will pay for all damages that your UTV got from the accident. The coverage is provided even if your UTV is hit by another vehicle or object.

  • Property damage liability

Just like collision coverage provides repairs for your UTV, the liability coverage ensures that if you damage someone’s else property, they will insurance provider will take care of it. I need to highlight that the property damage liability can be used as legal defense.

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  • Comprehensive coverage

If you can afford to get a side by side insurance that includes comprehensive coverage, you should always go for it. The reason behind this is that comprehensive coverage includes vandalism, severe weather, and even theft!

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Have you ever wondered what happens if another driver hits and damages your UTV but doesn’t have enough money to cover the repairs? Here is where uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage comes in to save the day. This coverage will provide you with all the money required to repair your UTV, even if someone else hits it.

How Much Does UTV Insurance Cost?

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In general, you will pay $30 for UTV insurance. However, this is an average cost because it can increase depending on the type of coverage options you choose. That’s not all. The cost of side by side insurance modifies depending on the driver’s age and previous accident history. Moreover, the brand, model, and year of the UTV you are planning to insure will change the price. Nonetheless, paying around $30 for full insurance is definitely worth it, especially when considering that you will be riding the UTV on rugged trails.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Get the Best Insurance Deal

As previously mentioned, the average price for a side by side insurance that covers all costs will be $30. However, there are some tips & tricks that will help you get the best insurance deal and save money.

  • Pay in full (if possible)

No matter if you are planning to purchase insurance for a regular car, dirt bike, or UTV, paying for it in full will always get you a discount. Even though choosing to pay in full for yearly insurance will net you a small discount, it’s better than nothing.

  • Bundle multiple vehicles

Do you own a car? If that is the case, you might want to consider bundling the UTV to the same insurance provider that you chose for your family car. Insuring multiple vehicles will get you a discount.

  • Get quotes from multiple insurance brokers

Did you know that asking for quotes from insurance brokers doesn’t cost a single thing? Therefore, you should always ask for quotes from multiple insurance brokers so that you can find out which one offers the best deal and UTV insurance policy.

  • Consider taking a UTV safety course

I always advise my friends who are interested in UTVs to go on a safety course. The reason behind this is that they will learn how drive safely and also get a discount on their insurance payment. The safety course will prove that there are slim chances of you getting into an accident and therefore, the insurance provider will be willing to lower the cost.

Does AAA Have UTV Insurance?

AAA offers insurance for all types of vehicles. This includes UTVs, ATVs and motorcycles. AAA provides UTV insurance that covers: bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and personal injury coverage. You can read more about the AAA side by side insurance details by clicking here and accessing the official AAA website.

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How to Find Out If Your State Requires UTV or ATV Insurance

Since many states don’t require UTVs or ATVs to have insurance because they are offroad vehicles, the best way for you to determine if you need to get insurance is to check your local laws. Don’t worry; I have you covered. Below you can find links to all states and their laws on UTVs:

1.       Alaska
2.       Arizona
3.       Arkansas
4.       California
5.       Colorado
6.       Connecticut
7.       Delaware
8.       District of Columbia (DC)
9.       Florida
10.   Georgia
11.   Hawaii
12.   Idaho
13.   Illinois
14.   Indiana
15.   Iowa
16.   Kansas
17.   Kentucky
18.   Maine
19.   Maryland
20.   Massachusetts
21.   Michigan
22.   Minnesota
23.   Mississippi
24.   Missouri
25.   Montana
26.   Nebraska
27.   Nevada
28.   New Hampshire
30.   New Mexico
31.   New York
32.   North Carolina
33.   North Dakota
34.   Ohio
35.   Oregon
36.   Pennsylvania
37.   Rhode Island
38.   South Carolina
39.   South Dakota
40.   Tennessee
41.   Texas
42.   Utah
43.   Vermont
44.   Virginia
45.   Washington
46.   West Virginia
47.   Wisconsin
48.   Wyoming

I couldn’t find the UTV laws for a handful of states. If you happen to live in one of the missing states, my advice is to contact your local police station and ask them directly. They will be able to inform you of the law requirements for UTV insurance.

Final Words

If there is one thing everyone can agree on about insurance, it has to be the fact that everyone wants to have one but never wants to use it. It’s always to be “better safe than sorry” when it comes to offroad activities, and this is why I advise everyone to get insurance for their UTV or ATV, even if your local state law doesn’t require you to do so. You will thank yourself later if you ever get in an accident. The insurance provider will cover all the costs!

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