Do You Need an ATV? Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Four-Wheeler

Are you browsing Amazon and stumbled upon a couple of cool-looking ATVs that caught your eyes? You are probably now wondering why do you need an ATV? Well, there are many reasons to get a four-wheeler, but the main one is to have fun while trail riding. Whether you are not sure which ATV model to get or if you should get one in the first place, I will use my decade-long experience in riding ATVs and dirt bikes to help you make the right decision.

You should consider getting an ATV if you want to experience amazing off-road adventures. There are many reasons to get an ATV and the most common one is the strength and speed they offer. The four-wheelers are often equipped with 4×4 traction that makes them powerful enough for rugged terrain such as mountain trails. That’s not all! ATVs are functional and you can use them for much more than adrenaline-fueled adventures. You can also use them for snow plowing and camping, for example.

Are you still unsure if you need an ATV or not? Make sure to keep on reading to find out the top 5 reasons to buy a four-wheeler.

reasons why you need an ATV

Do You Need an ATV? Here are the Top 5 Reason to Buy an ATV

powerful ATVs

#1 Power and Stability

There’s no better feeling than riding on mountain trails on an ATV with the sunset at your back. While this might sound like a dangerous hobby, ATVs are here to prove everyone wrong. The four-wheelers are powerful enough to ride through muddy roads and not get stuck.

The 4×4 traction makes it super easy to go up steep hills and to top it all off, you can sit safely in the big and comfy seat. The power and stability that the four-wheeler brings are some of the most popular reasons why you would need one.

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#2 Exercise and Stress Relieve

Single ATV on Road

If you are looking for a fun way to exercise, you will have a blast riding an ATV! Even though pumping iron and running for cardio is the best way to lose weight and build muscle, riding ATVs on bumpy roads is a solid alternative. In fact, the folks at VeryWellFit say that sitting on an ATV or side-by-side will help you burn calories 320 per hour.

Your heart rhythm will be higher than average due to the adrenaline and, believe it or not, you will actually be using quite a lot of force. Swerving in tight corners is no easy task when you are riding on a 1,000lbs vehicle! Get ready for sore hands because holding tight on the handlebars will be a challenge.

#3 You Can Carry Passengers

carry passengers

The only thing that makes off-road adventures better is to bring your significant other with you. Once again, here is where ATVs come in and save the day. Unlike dirt bikes, these four-wheelers are spacious enough to allow the rider to bring a passenger. To make things even better, the ATVs are equipped with all types of handles and foot pedals to help the passenger stay safe.

What’s cool about bringing a passenger is that you can share the off-road experience with someone else. If you have kids, you can be sure that they will love nothing more than to go on off-road rides with your ATV. In case they are too young, you can always bring them on as passengers.

#4 The ATV Helps with Yard Work

yard work

As mentioned at the beginning, there are more reasons why you need an ATV than you can imagine. It’s not only about having fun and riding at max speed on mountains and hilltops. You can also use the four-wheeler for work around the yard. Starting with shoveling snow and ending with mowing the yard, ATVs will make regular chores more fun!

If you visit smaller cities or villages, you will notice that almost all farmers have an ATV around. This is because the four-wheeler can be used for field plowing, carry heavy objects, and get around rocky terrains. Are you not sure if buying an ATV is worth it? Just think about how much fun you will have mowing the lawn from now on!

#5 Teach Your Kids How to Drive

kids on ATVs

I think it’s safe to say that parents are always a bit scared when they let their kids drive for the first time. It’s easy to make mistakes, everyone does them at the beginning. However, there is a way to set up your kids to become great drivers. There are lots of kid-sized ATV models that have weaker engines and are designed with extra safety features.

Your kids will not only learn the basics of driving from an early age, but they will feel more comfortable on four-wheels. One more thing that you can be sure about is that your kids will love riding ATVs. Just imagine how fun would’ve it been if your parents got you an ATV when you were younger? Nonetheless, you should make sure to also get a protection suit to keep them safe.

So, Why Do You Need an ATV?

Did you get excited when thinking about how cool it would be to plow the snow or mow the lawn while on an ATV? Or are you thinking about how much fun you will have trail riding with your significant other on the passenger seat? If that is the case, you should stop thinking about getting an ATV and start thinking about which model to pick.

There are many other reasons to get an ATV and if something comes to mind that you don’t see listed above, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section.

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