Do You Need Riding Boots for ATV? (Best Choice Included)

As fun as riding ATVs can be, I can’t deny that it can sometimes be dangerous. I’ve been riding quads for more than a decade and never hurt. I owe this to always wearing protective gear, even for times when I am just cruising and not riding on rugged terrains. One of the first lessons that I learned the hard way is to always wear riding boots for ATV.

It’s always best to wear boots for ATVs when riding on trails. The ATV riding boots will keep you safe from any accidents and make it easier to use the foot brake. A premium pair of ATV boots such as the Fox Racing Comp Boots will keep your feet safe at all times and also make you feel comfortable. This type of premium boots come equipped with special features such as a TPU shin plate and toe cap to ensure safety, even if something hits your foot.

Most people think that wearing a helmet is enough safety when riding ATVs. I disagree with this. You should also consider wearing ATV boots, gloves, and a chest harness. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Do You Need Riding Boots for ATV?

You can wear any type of shoes when riding a four-wheeler but choosing a special pair of ATV boots is always the better decision. ATV riding boots are similar to dirt bike boots, and this is because they prioritize keeping the rider safe at all times. There’s more to ATV boots than just a bulky design. They are actually equipped with all sorts of premium features such as TPU shin plates, toe caps, and calf guards to ensure that the feet are always safe.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind when wearing regular shoes while riding four-wheelers, is that they will most likely get damaged. In fact, your shoes will be so dirty after riding on the trail that you will need to wash them at least two times. The main scenarios that make investing in a pair of premium ATV boots worth it are when something hits your foot or if the ATV turns over. The all-around protection that the boots provide will keep you safe. Once again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when riding big and powerful offroad vehicles.

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What Shoes Should I Wear for an ATV?

If you are getting ready to rent an ATV for the first time and don’t want to invest in a pair of high-quality riding shoes, then a pair of regular sneakers will work. You will only need to press the foot brake when going down steep hills. This will help you keep the ATV from speeding. However, I do need to mention that you should be ready to get your shoes and pants dirty. No matter what type of terrain you will be riding on, you will get dirty.

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Are Muck Boots Good for ATV Riding?

You can wear muck boots when ATV riding. If you don’t have access to a pair of premium ATV boots, you can wear anything else. However, a regular pair of muck boots will not last you a long time if you use them while riding off-road vehicles. They will get dirty and damaged. So, make sure not to use a pair of muck boots that you like too much.

Why are Boots Recommended When Riding an ATV?

You will see that most ATV rental places recommend clients bring a pair of ATV boots or rent one. The reason behind this is that ATV boots keep your feet safe at all times. Whether a tree branch hits your feet or the ATV turns over, you can rest assured that your feet will have all the protection they need. In addition, you don’t have to worry about ruining a good pair of sneakers.

The Best ATV Riding Boots

I have tried many ATV riding boots and the Fox Racing Comp are my favorite. These are some of the best boots on the market and you can wear them for all offroad activities, including riding ATVs and dirt bikes on rugged terrain. You might make the mistake of thinking that since the Fox Racing Comp are my top pick, they are expensive. This is not the case. This is a pair of premium boots that sells for a competitive price. Nonetheless, here is a quick preview of the main features that the Fox Racing Comp offers:

  • Premium brand (great customer support and return policy);
  • Full coverage protection (TPU shin plate, toe cap, and strong calf guard);
  • They feel comfortable;
  • Internal lace system for custom fits;
  • Durable rubber burn and medial guard.

Do you want to learn more about the features that make this pair of boots my top choice? You are in luck! I wrote a full review that goes over all the features that the boots offer and what makes them special. You can access the ATV boots review by clicking here.

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