Does Off-Road Diesel Smoke More? (Off-Road Diesel Guide)

Off-road diesel or red diesel is a type of fuel destined mainly for farming or construction vehicles and machinery that do not travel on public roads. It is tax-free and therefore, it’s a lot cheaper than the so-called clear diesel (on-road diesel). If you are a four-wheel enthusiast, you probably wonder whether you can use red diesel in your quad or not, in what circumstances, and what are the differences between off-road and regular diesel.

Off-road diesel doesn’t smoke more. Using off-road diesel in your four-wheeler should not imply any changes in the amount or in the color of the smoke your quad is releasing. Red diesel is chemically identical to regular diesel. The red dye is added to its composition as a marker, in order to make it easy to detect in case of fraudulent use. Because it is used only for vehicles and machinery that don’t operate on public roads, it is completely tax-free and therefore, a lot cheaper than the regular diesel.

If you’re an avid quad rider who often goes on adventures in the wilderness, you probably want to save all the money you can on fuel so you can invest them in cool and exciting accessories for your four-wheeler. If you are worried if off-road diesel is a good choice for you, keep on reading to find out all you need to know about it, from whether it is any different from the regular diesel to where to buy it and when you can use it.

Does Off-Road Diesel Smoke More?

Off-road diesel does not smoke more, nor does it change the color of the smoke that is coming out of your four-wheeler. It has the exact same composition as the regular diesel, plus the red dye which doesn’t affect the functioning of your quad’s engine, the amount of smoke that’s coming out, or the color of the smoke. Off-road diesel should have the same quality the regular diesel has, so there is no reason it should smoke more or cause any problems in your four-wheeler. If your quad is letting out more smoke than usual or if the smoke has an odd color or smell, it would be best to see a mechanic.

If you are using different types of fuel on your off-road vehicles, whether it’s an ATV or a truck, you need to check the condition of the fuel mixture so that it doesn’t cause the vehicle to run rich or lean. I wrote a complete guide that shows how to do this, and how to avoid the common mistakes that beginners make when determining if their quad is running rich or lean.

Is Off-Road Diesel Better than Regular Diesel?

Off-road diesel is essentially the same as regular diesel. It has the same chemical composition, the same sulfur content and it performs just as well as the on-road diesel. The only significant differences between the two are the color and the cost. Because it is not taxed and has a lower selling price, the off-road diesel is marked using a red dye for easy detection.

The enforcement officials conduct regular traffic controls to ensure that off-road diesel is not used on public roads. Using dipstick tests, they can detect any trace of dye, so don’t consider mixing it with clear diesel. Running your truck using even the slightest amount of red diesel on public roadways is illegal and can get you a $10,000 fine.

For What Purposes Can I Use Off-Road Diesel Legally?

Red diesel is the Government’s way of saying they support the agricultural and construction industry and they want to help them avoid unnecessary expenses and increase profitability. But off-road diesel is not only designed to serve workers in the agricultural or construction industry. It is designed for any type of vehicle or machinery that does not set foot on the public road. It can be used to fuel power generators, as heating fuel, and as fuel for tractors or trucks used in festive parades.

You can definitely fuel up your four-wheeler with off-road diesel, as long as you don’t ride it on public roads. So, if you are planning an off-road adventure for the weekend, make sure you find a way to get your quad to the site without driving it there.

Where Can I Purchase Off-Road Diesel?

Off-road diesel should be available for purchase at any big gas distributor, especially in areas with intense agricultural activity. If you are running a business and you need red diesel for your equipment, you can most certainly get it delivered to you.

Can I Run My Truck on Off-Road Diesel?

With fuel prices going up, many people would be tempted to run their personal vehicles on red diesel. I am going to share with you all the reasons you should not do this. Any vehicle that is licensed for use on public roadways is required to run only on on-road diesel. On-road diesel is more expensive due to the fact that it includes the price of the fuel plus the taxes for road construction and maintenance. Riding off-road does not require paying those taxes. Running your personal truck on tax free off-road diesel may result in tax evasion and can get you a big fine in addition to the criminal charges for tax evasion. Mixing red with clear diesel won’t get you far either, as the government has strategies to find any traces of red dye in your trunk.

Final Words

In conclusion, off-road diesel or red diesel is essentially the same as regular diesel when it comes to chemical composition and quality. It should not affect in any way the good functioning of your vehicle. The major difference between the two is their price, with the off-road diesel being a lot cheaper than the regular one, because of the tax exempt. A special solvent is added to the off-road diesel to make it red, in order to be easily identified by authorities if it were to be used on public roads. It is completely illegal to run your personal car on red diesel if your car is licensed and you drive on public roadways and you can face serious charges, including criminal charges as using this type of fuel in a fraudulent manner could be considered tax evasion.

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