How Fast Does the Can-Am Renegade 1000 Go? (with video proof)

Are you thinking about buying a Can-Am Renegade 1000? This is a big four-wheeler boasting a 1000cc V-Twin engine that delivers incredible performances. If speed is what you are looking for, then you are making the right choice by going with the Can-Am Renegade 1000.

Can-Am Renegade 1000 top speed is 85 MPH. The ATV is powered by a huge 1000cc Rotax V-twin engine that delivers 91 HP, which makes the Can-Am Renegade 1000 one of the fastest ATVs on the market. The Can-Am Renegade 1000 is great for rugged terrains such as mountain trails and steep hills because the high-performance engine can handle it all. It’s also worth mentioning that the four-wheeler is equipped with 30-inch tires that are great for challenging trails.

While I never got the chance to ride a Can-Am Renegade 1000, I really like this model. Keep reading to find out the exact specifics of Can-Am Renegade 1000’s top speed and what makes the 1000cc engine tick.

Can-Am Renegade 1000 top speed and performance

How Fast Does the Can-Am Renegade 1000 Go?

Can-Am Renegade 1000 riding at top speed

The Can-Am Renegade 1000 tops at 85 MPH (almost 137 KM). This is super-fast, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise when considering that the engineers at Can-Am have equipped the quad with a 1000cc V-Twin engine. It’s important to highlight that this is a Rotax engine that pulls hard on any type of terrain. Whether you are riding through muddy trails or on steep hills, you are guaranteed to feel the power of the engine when you pull on the gas throttle.

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One of the things that make the 1000cc V-Twin engine stand out is the fact that it uses an intelligent throttle control system that is paired with EFI (electronic fuel injection). The fuel system is paired with an automatic transmission that makes riding the Can-Am Renegade 1000 a smooth experience. Since I am talking about how smooth it is to ride the ATV, I should highlight that it also uses tri-mode dynamic power steering. The ATV can adapt to any terrain. This is possible because the engine features selectable 2WD, 4WD, and lock 4WD drive train modes. You can select the one that best suits the scenario ahead.

Thanks to all the premium features that the ATV offers, it is featured on my list of best ATVs for long-distance riding. You can check out the list here.

Top Features

Here is a quick breakdown of the top features that the Can-Am ATV offers:

  • 1000cc Rotax V-Twin engine;
  • A top speed of 85 MPH;
  • 91 horsepower;
  • Multiple drive train modes (2WD, 4WD, and lock 4WD);
  • Automatic transmission;
  • 30-inch tires;
  • Power steering;
  • 3,500 lb (1,588 kg) winch.

Sidenote: It’s important to mention that the Can-Am Renegade 1000 is not a good choice for beginners. This is a big and powerful ATV that can be difficult to handle if you are a beginner. It’s always best to start with a smaller ATV and work your way up to 1000cc engines.

Since I don’t own this model, I can’t take a video of me reaching the top speed. However, I found a YouTube video on the channel “srxwes” that shows the maximum speed you can reach with a Can-Am Renegade 1000. You can check it out below:

How Much HP Does a Can-Am Renegade 1000 Have?

stock photo of Can-Am Renegade 1000

The Can-Am Renegade 1000 has 91 HP. Considering that the Can-Am Renegade 1000 is a quad designed for offroad activities, 91 HP is impressive. This is one of the most powerful ATVs on the market, and the 1,000cc Rotax V-Twin engine is proof of that. Moreover, Can-Am forums show that the ATV reaches a top speed of 85 MPH. This is more than fast enough to tackle any offroad terrain.

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Tips to Reach Maximum Speed with Your ATV

Whether you want to ride a big ATV such as Can-Am’s Renegade 1000 or one that comes with a 250cc engine, there are some tips and tricks that can help you reach maximum speed. Check them out below:

  • Get the correct tire pressure

It’s important to have the right tire pressure in order to reach the maximum speed that your ATV can. You can check out my ATV & UTV tire pressure guide to find out the best optimization for your four-wheeler.

  • Drive on normal roads

Another essential tip to reaching max speed with your ATV is to drive on normal roads. As you can imagine, it’s difficult for the ATV to speed up when it keeps hitting bumps and other obstacles. You should also drive in a straight line.

  • Use premium fuel

In general, four-wheelers use the 87-grade gasoline octane. However, you can take things to the next level and use premium fuel with a higher octane value. Doing this will help your ATV’s engine run smoother and faster.

Final Thoughts

Can-Am Renegade 1000 is a beast of a four-wheeler, and there’s no doubt about that. This is a powerful four-wheeler that is designed for experienced riders, and it tops out at 85 MPH. If you ever get the chance to ride a Can-Am Renegade 1000, my advice is to only speed on regular roads that don’t have any obstacles. It’s never a good idea to start speeding offroad. The bumps in the terrain can cause you to lose control.

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