How to Build ATV Ramps (Aluminum & Wood)

Are you planning to relocate your ATV and need to learn how to build a loading ramp? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. I’ll show you the ins and outs of building a durable ATV ramp. That’s not all. I will also showcase the reasons why you should consider buying aluminum ATV ramps instead of building them from wood.

In general, ATV loading ramps should be made from aluminum. The average ATV weighs around 500 pounds and therefore, wooden ramps can break. That’s not all. Wooden ATV ramps will move if the four-wheeler is too heavy and you might slam it on the floor. Safety should always be the top priority and this is why I recommend buying premium ATV ramps made from aluminum. If you are handy around the workshop and know how to weld, you can build wooden ATV ramps. Welding is required for the top kit that ensures the planks will not slip.

Whether you plan on moving the ATV often or every couple of months for a joyride, investing in a loading ramp is always a good idea. Keep reading because I will show you my favorite ones. I will also show how to build wooden homemade ATV ramps.

Loading the ATV in your truck is just one step of the relocation process. You also need to strap the ATV to the truck bed safely. Luckily, I have a full guide that shows how to do strap an ATV to a truck bed in 5 easy steps.

What are the Best ATV Ramps?

Yutrax aluminum ramp for ATV placed on a truck

Aluminum loading ramps are always the best choice for ATVs. Four-wheelers are quite heavy and if you choose to go with wood, you might end up doing damage to your ATV. The reason behind this is that the average ATV is around 500 pounds. As you can imagine, homemade loading ramps can snap in half. They can also move a couple of inches when the ATV gets around the middle area and this will cause it to fall. On the bright side of things, buying a premium aluminum ATV ramp is cheaper than you might think.

The Yutrax aluminum ATV loading ramp is my favorite. This is because it’s made from durable aluminum, which is light and easy to carry. The ramp weighs in at only 34 pounds and it supports up to 1,500 lb. Thanks to this, you can load any type of ATV in your trick, even models like Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS SE that have massive 686cc engines. Some other notable features that I like on the Yutrax aluminum ATV loading ramp are rubber coated tab attachment points and its ability to fold 45.5-inch in length. This makes it super easy to transport the ATV ramp in the garage, or wherever you want.

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How to Build ATV Ramp from Wood

If you don’t want to purchase an aluminum ramp because you will not be relocating the ATV that often, you can choose to build them from wood. It’s important to mention that homemade wooden ATV ramps are not the safest option. This is why you should be careful to only use premium materials and to test them before getting your ATV on them. Nonetheless, follow the steps below to build an ATV ramp from wood:

  • Determine the correct angle for the ramp;
  • Get to 2x4s and cut them to fit the angle;
  • Attach two pieces of plywood to the top of the wooden planks;
  • Make sure to add support pieces underneath the plywood to increase durability;
  • Attach the ramp top kit and paint the surface to make it non-skid.

Do you have an easier time learning from watching videos? If yes, you should be pleased to know that there is a video guide that shows you exactly how to build the wooden ATV ramp. You can access the video by clicking “Play” on the thumbnail located below.

Safety Measures

As previously mentioned, safety should always be the top priority. No matter if you are riding through the mud on four-wheelers with your friends or are building homemade ATV wooden ramps, you should always make sure that you don’t get hurt. This is why I put together a bunch of safety measures that you need to consider when making stuff from wood. Check them out below:

  • Wear a dust mask and goggles;
  • Always inspect the wooden ramps for stability before putting the ATV on them;
  • ATV ramps should be flat wood that you have around the garage. Instead, they should be made from durable wood that will not break;
  • Make sure that the top of the ramp is attached securely before putting any weight on them.

Final Words

From my personal experience, I can confidently say that buying durable ATV ramps like the ones made by Yutrax is definitely worth the investment. You will have the peace of mind that anytime you need to relocate your ATV, you can safely do it without having to worry that the ramps might break or kick. To make things even better, these durable ramps are not only for ATVs. They can be used to get just about anything that has wheels in truck beds (including snow plowers, RTVs, UTVs, and welding machines among others).

On the other hand, some people might not afford to buy ATV ramps. Here is where homemade wooden ATV ramps come in. They can certainly get the job done, just like aluminum ones. However, you need to make sure that the top of the ramp is reinforced with plywood or aluminum. This way, the ATV ramps will not kick when the four-wheeler starts applying pressure.

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