How to Carry Passengers On Your ATV (Best Positions Included)

Ever wondered what’s the best way to carry a passenger on your ATV without making it awkward or unsafe? You are in the right place. Today, I will be diving into the best ways to carry someone on your ATV, so both of you can have a blast.

I will cover the best positions to carry passengers, share some expert tips, and explain how to ride an ATV with two people on it. Without any further ado, buckle up and let’s get started!

What’s the Best Position to Carry Passengers on Your ATV

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If you are a beginner and don’t know exactly how to carry someone when you are riding off-road, then you should be happy to know that there’s only two positions you need to learn. Not more, not less.

#1 The Classic: Seated Behind the Driver

The most common way to carry a passenger is to have them sit right behind you. It’s simple and usually the safest. The passenger can hold onto the driver for better balance.

#2 The Side-Saddle

Some people prefer the side-saddle position. It’s a bit more relaxed but not as safe. The passenger sits sideways behind the driver. This position is best for slow, easy rides.

Sidenote: for beginners, I highly recommend choosing the classic position for passengers. It’s the safest position and it works for any type of ATV. Even if you have a big 2 person ATV or something smaller like the Yamaha Blaster, you are good to go!

Expert Tips & Tricks for Carrying People on Your ATV

Riding with two people on your ATV can be a scary experience when you do it the first couple of times. I know it was for me! Here are some really useful tips that will make riding with a passenger a much more enjoyable experience:

Communication is Key

Always talk to your passenger. Make sure they’re comfortable and know what to expect. A simple heads-up before a turn or bump can make a world of difference.

Gear Up

Both the driver and the passenger should wear proper safety gear. Helmets, gloves, and protective clothing are a must.

Know Your Limits

It’s crucial to know both your own limits and your ATV’s. Don’t push too hard or go too fast, especially with a passenger. Safety first!

Plan Your Route

Before you hit the trail, have a plan. Know where you’re going and what kind of terrain you’ll encounter. This helps you prepare and makes the ride more enjoyable for your passenger.

Check the ATV

Before you go, give your ATV a quick check. Make sure the tires are good, the brakes work, and there’s enough fuel. A well-maintained ATV is a safer ATV.

How to Ride an ATV With Two People On It

two people riding the CF Moto CFORCE 600 Touring on a dirt road

Riding with someone hanging on your back is not easy! Make sure you read the following tips on how to maneuver an ATV when you have a passenger:

Balance is Crucial

When you’ve got a passenger, your ATV’s balance changes. You’ll need to adjust your driving style to keep things smooth and safe.

Take it Slow

Especially if it’s your passenger’s first time, take it slow. No need to show off. Keep the speed down and enjoy the ride.

Distribute Weight Evenly

With two people on an ATV, weight distribution becomes more important. The passenger should lean into turns with the driver to help maintain balance.

Use Lower Gears

When carrying a passenger, it’s often better to use lower gears, especially on uphill climbs or tricky terrain. This gives you better control of the ATV.

Keep Hands and Feet Inside

Make sure both you and your passenger keep all limbs inside the ride. No dangling feet or hands, as they could get caught in the wheels or other moving parts.

By following these riding tips, you’ll ensure that both you and your passenger have a safer, more enjoyable ride. It’s all about balance, control, and communication. Ready to hit the trails? Make sure you what to and not to wear when riding ATVs.

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