How to Jump Start a Polaris ATV (Beginner Guide)

There’s nothing more annoying than having your Polaris ATV battery die on you, especially if you are riding in the wild outdoors. This can happen because of many reasons but on the bright side of things, jump starting a Polaris ATV is easier than jumpstarting a car. You just need to have access to another ATV battery or jump starter kit and know how to use it.

You can jump start a Polaris ATV by connecting it to another ATV battery, the same way you do it with a car. However, the best way to jump start any ATV (not just Polaris) is to use a jump starter kit. Jump starter kits are easy to use. You just have to hook up the jumper cables to the battery, press the “power on” button and wait for the battery to charge. After a couple of minutes pass, you can start your Polaris ATV. It’s that easy.

If you are new to ATVs and have never jump started one before, you don’t need to worry. I will explain how to do it in a step-by-step guide. I’ll also show you what jump starter kit I use for my own ATVs, so make sure to stick around for the end.

infographic showing how to jump start a Polaris ATV

How to Jump Start a Polaris ATV

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Right from the start, I want to mention that there are three ways to jump start a Polaris ATV. The first method is the classic way of hooking up the four-wheeler to another ATV battery. The second method is to use a jump starter kit that makes turning on the Polaris ATV as simple as pressing a button. The third method is to do a compression start where you force the ATV to start. With that said, let’s get into the guides.

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#1 Use A Second ATV Battery

Just like you would jump start a car by using another car’s battery, the same you can do with ATVs. Here is how you do it:

  • Put the ATVs in neutral and bring them close;
  • Attach the jumper cables to the good battery;
  • Attach the other ends of the jumper cables to the dead battery;
  • Turn on the ATV with a good battery and let it run for 5 minutes;
  • After 5 minutes pass, turn on the second ATV (while the jumper cables are still connected);
  • You can now remove the jumper cables.

Sidenote: make sure to keep the ATV running for at least 30 minutes to get the battery as charged as possible. If you are hooking up your ATV battery to a car, do not turn on the car during the process of charging the battery. Car batteries are bigger than the ones used on ATVs and, therefore, can cause a short circuit.

Is your ATV randomly shutting off? While you might think that the battery is the culprit, it’s usually a faulty spark plug or dirty carburetor. You can read this article where I showcase the most common reasons ATVs will randomly shut off and how to fix them.

#2 Use a Jump Starter Kit

Buying a jump starter kit is a great idea if you usually go on outdoor adventures by yourself. If you don’t have another ATV or car battery around, you will need somebody to help you out. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by having a jump starter kit. These kits don’t cost a fortune and they can be lifesavers. My favorite jump start kit is the NOCO Boost Plus.

The NOCO Boost Plus kit can jump start up to 40 batteries on a single charge. This makes it an essential tool to have during outdoor adventures. I should highlight that you can use the NOCO Boost Plus to jump start car batteries without any problems. In addition, the NOCO Boost Plus is a multifunctional kit that can be used as a portable power bank, LED flashlight, smartphone charger, and more.

You can get the NOCO Boost Plus jump starter kit from Amazon. Here is how you can use it to jump start a Polaris ATV:

  • Connect the jump starter kit to the ATV battery terminals;
  • Press the “Power” button;
  • Wait until the adapter LED turns green;
  • Turn on the ATV.

#3 Compression Start

I saved this jump starting method for last because it’s a bit difficult to pull off. It can even damage the ATV if you don’t do it right. This is why it should be used as a last resort for moments when you just can’t have someone come help or use a jump starter kit. Nonetheless, this is how you do a compression start on a Polaris ATV:

  • Put the ATV in second gear and pull in the clutch at the same time;
  • Push the ATV so that it moves at around 10 MPH;
  • Depress the clutch while adding gas;
  • This will start the engine and begin charging the battery.

Sidenote: it’s always best to try and start the ATV in second gear because first might have too much of a kick. In addition, allow the ATV to run for at least 30 minutes before turning it off so that it reaches a max charge.

Final Words

If you try the three jump start methods I showcased, and your Polaris ATV still won’t start, this means that you are dealing with a bad battery that needs replaced ASAP. I wrote a full guide that shows the bad TV battery symptoms that you need to look out for. The guide also includes maintenance tips so that when you get a new battery for your four-wheeler, you know how to keep it running at peak performance for as long as possible.

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