How to Paint ATV Wheels (The fast and easy way)

Are you tired of what your stock ATV rims look like? No one can deny that standard aluminum grey stock ATV wheels are boring. On the bright side of things, painting ATV wheels is not complicated at all.

You can paint your stock ATV wheels in any color you want. In fact, you can do it in just 5 steps. Follow the how to paint ATV wheels guide below:

  1. Take the wheels off (place the ATV on a stand);
  2. Remove rust, paint, and other debris with sandpaper;
  3. Cover the tires and use index cards (or regular A4 sheets) to prevent paint from getting on them;
  4. Use a spray paint of your choice from about 1-2 feet away (apply 2 coats of paint to the ATV wheel);
  5. Wait for the paint to dry and place the wheels back on the ATV.

As you can see, painting ATV wheels is fairly simple. You don’t have to spend a hundred dollars at the paint shop because you do it from the comfort of your home. However, there are some tips and tricks that will make coating your ATV wheels easier and safer. Keep reading to find out more.

infographic showing how to paint ATV wheels

How to Paint ATV Wheels

two ATV wheels, one painted black and one standard

Even though you might have a cool looking ATV like a Yamaha Blaster 2021, stock aluminum wheels will always look boring. This is why almost everyone who rides four-wheelers will eventually think about painting them another color. The most popular option is black, especially since black spray paints are easily available on Amazon and don’t cost that much.

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Follow my guide below to learn how to paint your ATV wheels and make them look personalized:

Step 1: Prepare Your ATV

Begin by taking the ATV wheels off to avoid getting paint on the vehicle itself. Use a stand or another type of support for the ATV. This will make it easier to remove the wheels one by one and also reattach them later.

Step 2: Clean the Wheels

Remove any rust, old paint, or debris like dirt from the wheels. This can be done using sandpaper or a sturdy brush. Spend at least 2-3 minutes cleaning each rim for the best results.

Step 3: Protect the Tires

Cover the tires to ensure no paint gets on them. Place old rags, newspapers, or masking tape on the tires. Consider using index cards or A4 sheets to separate the rims from the tires effectively.

Step 4: Choose Your Paint

Select a high-quality spray paint designed for wheels. One recommended option is the Dupli-Color Black High-Performance Wheel Paint, which is available on Amazon and includes an abrasive prep tip, color match paint, and clear coat.

Step 5: Paint the Wheels

Begin spraying the paint from one to two feet away from the wheel. Apply light and even coats, aiming for a smooth finish. Typically, two coats of spray paint are sufficient.

Step 6: Allow Time for Drying

Allow the paint to dry for at least one hour. Keep the ATV wheels in a safe, dust-free environment during this time to ensure the paint dries evenly and without contamination.

Step 7: Reattach the Wheels

Once the paint is completely dried and cured, reattach the wheels to your ATV. Make sure to securely tighten all bolts and nuts.

Step 8: Evaluate and Enjoy

Inspect the paint job for any missed spots or imperfections and touch up as necessary. High-quality spray paint should last for at least two months, even with frequent off-road riding.

Bonus: Video Tutorial

Prefer learning from videos? Check out this YouTube video from Hillendale Bros, which shows you the entire process in a step-by-step manner.

What Paint Do I Use to Paint ATV Wheels?

a set of Hercule TIS UT1 UTV tires

Choosing the right paint for your ATV wheels is a crucial step in the painting process. It’s essential to select a paint that is not only visually appealing but also durable and able to withstand various terrains and weather conditions that ATVs are exposed to.

I personally recommend the Dupli-Color Black High-Performance Wheel Paint. This paint is specifically designed for wheels, making it both durable and resistant to chipping, braking dust, and automotive chemicals. It comes with an abrasive prep tip, which makes the application process smooth and ensures that the paint adheres properly to the wheel. Plus, this paint option includes a clear coat, which adds an extra layer of protection and gives the wheels a polished, professional finish.

However, there are other options available as well. Look for paints that are labeled as ‘wheel paint,’ ‘automotive paint,’ or ‘high-temperature paint.’ These types of paints are formulated to handle the heat generated by your wheels and are resistant to chips and scratches.

Before making your final decision, be sure to read reviews and potentially consult with a professional. Always remember to follow the instructions on the paint can for the best results and ensure your own safety by wearing appropriate protective gear during the painting process.

How Do You Prepare Polished ATV Wheels for Painting?

Prepping polished ATV wheels for painting takes about 10 minutes for each rim. You need to sand the wheel in order to ensure that the paint will stick to the surface. The next step is to clean all debris from the ATV wheels and add primer. Once the primer is good to go, you can start using the spray paint.

You can check out this guide where I showcase the best paint for aluminum wheels if you want to learn how to prep polished wheels for painting.

Final Words

As annoying as getting paint on your shoes or hands might be, it’s always worth it to make your ATV wheels all-black or any other color than stock aluminum. My advice is to spend the extra bucks going for high-quality spray paint because it’s going to last you longer. From my experience, you will get up to two months before the paint starts chipping away. Of course, this changes depending on how often you ride your four-wheeler on rugged roads.

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