Riding Boots

Even though you can ride an ATV with a regular pair of sneakers, you won’t be able to do this for a long time. The sneakers will wear out and more than often, you will not be able to clean all the mud and dust off them. Buying a premium pair of ATV boots is more than about looks and comfort. It’s also about safety. A good pair will keep your feet safe even when you fall.

There are many premium ATV boots that you can get and my favorite pair is the Fox Racing Comp Boots. Fox is a reputable company in the dirt bike and ATV racing world, and its products are known for being top-tier quality. The boots use a special dynamic design that offers a custom fit around the ankle to keep the foot safe in case of any falls or accidents. That’s not all. The boots are equipped with a TPU shin plate, toe cap, and calf guard that offer full protection.

Getting a decent pair of ATV boots is not only going to make you feel and look good on the trails, but it will also keep you safe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to outdoor activities and racing powerful four-wheelers. With that said, let’s check out the top features that the Fox Racing Comp Boots offer.

Fox Racing Comp Boots

FOX racing boots

The reason why I picked the Fox Racing Comp Boots as my favorite pair is because they don’t fit in the high-end price, but still deliver a long list of premium features that are designed to keep the rider safe at all times. Of course, you could go and purchase an expensive pair of boots that sells for $800, but I promise that the Fox Racing Comp Boots are more than capable of keeping your foot safe and comfortable during heavy riding.

If you follow the ATV world, there is a high chance that you are already familiar with the Fox brand. This company makes premium products that sell for mid-range prices. The Fox Racing Comp Boots is the perfect example, shipping with a bundle of useful features such as a specialized internal lace system that offers a custom fit around the ankle. That’s where most breaks happen when people fall off their ATVs and luckily, the Fox Racing Comp Boots are here to help prevent that from happening.

The Fox Racing Comp Boots are built to be durable. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are equipped with a TPU shin plate, toe cap, and strong calf guard that offers full coverage for your foot. Talking about protection and custom fit, I need to highlight that the Fox Racing Comp Boots feature a special adjustable ActiveLock closure system on the shin plate that makes it super easy and fast to take off the boots.

Highlight Features

Here is a quick rundown of the highlight features that the riding boots offer:

  • Reputable brand;
  • Internal lace system that offers custom fit around the rider’s ankle;
  • Full coverage (TPU shin plate, toe cap, and strong calf guard);
  • Adjustable ActiveLock system for (easy and fast to take the boots off);
  • Durable rubber burn and medial guard;
  • Durable rubber outside with internal steel shank for improved grip.


If you want to get the best protection for your feet but don’t want to go overboard with the pricing, the Fox Racing Comp Boots are your best choice. They feel comfortable and ensure that you can ride for long hours without worrying about hurting your feet for even one single second. You can get the riding ATV boots from Amazon by clicking here.