Riding Gloves

Don’t you just love the way a new pair of premium riding gloves feels when you first put them on? While riding gloves might make you feel cool, they also bring an important layer of protection to your hands. In my experience, my hands were the first ones to get hurt whenever I lost my balance or hit something and fell of my ATV. After getting the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves, my hands didn’t get anymore.

In general, riding gloves are not designed for heavy ATV riding. This is why it took me a long while to find the best ATV gloves. The Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves are definitely my top pick because they deliver a premium bundle of features that will not only keep you safe and make you look cool but also provide you with all-around protection for your hands. Starting with enhanced knuckle protection and ending with a soft and breathable material, I guarantee that you will enjoy the long list of features that this pair of gloves offers.

The sleek design of the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves is what caught my attention, but this isn’t the reason why I purchased them. The determining factor was the high level of protection that the ATV gloves offered. I know for a fact that whenever I go trail riding, I don’t have to worry about hurting my hands.

Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves

Riding Gloves

Hands down (pun intended), the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves are my favorite piece of gear to bring when riding my ATV. I can ride for hours on end without any discomfort for my hands and this is all thanks to the premium build of the gloves. The manufacturers used 6mm gel padding in the design and combined it with extra silica to deliver the maximum shock absorption possible. You are going to love not having any pain in your wrist after riding for a couple of hours.

If the shock absorption that the gloves offer isn’t impressive enough, the high-quality rubber protection for the knuckles and full finger joint might just get the job done. Your hands will have an extra layer of protection if a branch hits your hands or if you fall off the ATV. Despite offering such high-level protection, the gloves are also super comfortable. You will find breathable Lycra fabric on the back of the gloves and special venting holes design of the GEL palm. Thanks to this, your hands will not get sweaty.

One of the things that impressed me the most about the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves is the confidence that the manufacturer has in the quality of the product. What I mean by this is that the Rock Bros are offering a lifetime warranty! This means that if the gloves don’t live up to the expectations or you feel like they are not what is promised, you can get a full refund or a new pair.

Highlight Features

Here is a quick rundown of the features that the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves offer:

  • Strengthen 6mm GEL Padding (increased shock absorption);
  • Breathable and comfortable;
  • Touch screen support;
  • Knucks protection;
  • Full finger joint protection;
  • Sweat-absorbent;
  • Lifetime warranty.


If you are looking for a premium pair of ATV gloves that is going to make your outdoor adventures safer and more comfortable, I highly recommend getting the Rock Bros Mountain Bike Gloves. They haven’t failed me yet and if they ever do, there is always the lifetime warranty program.