Top 3 Best 450 Sport ATVs: Speed, Comfort and Reliability

No matter if you are just getting started with ATVs or are a veteran rider, you will have a blast on a 450 sport four-wheeler. This ATV category offers fast speeds and it’s easy to maneuver, even on difficult terrains like mountain trails. The question that remains is what is the best 450 sport ATV?

Polaris 450 Sportsman is the best 450cc ATV. The ATV is powered by a 500cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine that provides a perfect mix of power and speed, which makes the Polaris 450 Sportsman a great choice for all terrain types. The 450cc sport ATV also uses EFI (electronic fuel injection) for constant power and it has a ground clearance of 10.5-inch. Therefore, the Polaris 450 Sportsman can ride over obstacles with ease. 

Even though the Polaris 450 Sportsman takes the cake as the best 450 sport ATV, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other options. Let’s go ahead and check out the top 3 best 450 four-wheelers on the market.

The Best 450 Sport ATVs

#1 Polaris 450 Sportsman

Polaris 450 Sportsman

If you search for the best ATVs (no matter what category), Polaris is always going to pop up in the top 3 results. The reason behind this is that the company makes amazing four-wheelers that deliver reliable performances. Whether you love riding on muddy roads or through snow, the Polaris 450 Sportsman will not fail you. The four-wheeler uses a 500cc engine that is powerful enough to support a 1,225lbs winch capacity. In addition, the ATV features all-wheel drive.

Another important feature that you will love after riding the Polaris 450 Sportsman is the smooth suspension system and large 25” 6-ply tires. Riding over obstacles and getting traction is never going to be a problem if you are riding a Polaris 450 Sportsman. Furthermore, the 450 ATV stands out with its class leading storage space. Riders have more than enough space to stow tools, riding gear, and camping equipment.

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#2 Can-Am DS 450 Family

Can-Am DS 450 Family

Are you looking for a more budget-friendly 450 sport ATV? If that is the case, you will love the Can-Am DS 450 Family that comes with a bundle of premium features such as free-flow design, wildwood braking system, and ALTEC aluminum frame. The 449cc engine delivers 45.3 horsepower and while this might sound like too much, believe me, it’s more than you will ever need if you just love outdoor adventures on four-wheelers. After all, this is a 450 ATV that we are talking about. According to the folks at Can-Am, the engine is EFI (electronic fuel-injected) and it delivers up to 9% more horsepower than the competition.

The suspension system that the Can-Am DS 450 Family uses is quite impressive. The four-wheeler is equipped with all-aluminum A-arms, knuckles and wheel hubs that follow terrain irregularities and absorb impacts without transmitting the movement to the ATV. In fact, the Can-Am DS 450 Family is known for having the longest A-arms for an ATV of this width. Some other notable features that might interest you are Kayaba HPG Piggyback shock absorbers, bull bar, and manual transmission with 5 gears.

#3 Honda Trx450

Honda Trx450


On the third spot, we have the Honda Trx450 which impresses us with a 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke that delivers powerful performances. This is an electric-starting ATV that is used among pro level racers thanks to the top speed that it reaches. In fact, we highly recommend the Honda Trx450 to all ATV enthusiasts who are looking to test their skills in off-road races or tournaments. The suspension system is another feature that makes the Honda Trx450 a great choice for races. The system has the necessary compression, spring preload, and rebound to support the toughest trails.

You shouldn’t be fooled by the stock gearing and think that the Honda Trx450 is not one of the best 450 sport ATV ever made. The first gear is set tall so that riders don’t have to worry about switching gears on technical trails where they are required to constantly brake and accelerate. Talking about acceleration, it’s important to mention that the throttle response is instant. You will feel the power of the 450cc engine right from the moment that you pull on the throttle. Furthermore, the four-wheeler has a 4.4-inch ground clearance and it uses a single hydraulic 190mm disc with a single-piston caliper for the rear brakes.

Is a 450cc Engine Fast Enough for ATVs?

Are you worried that a 450 sport ATV is not fast enough to have an adrenaline-fueled experience when riding on the trail? You shouldn’t be. 450cc engines are very fast, especially when considering that 450 sport ATVs are light. However, I will give you a full breakdown of what you can expect from a 450 quad so that you can rest assured that 450cc engines are fast enough for ATVs.

1. Performance 

A 450cc ATV typically sits in the mid to high-end spectrum of performance when compared to other models available in the market. While there are larger, more powerful engines, such as 700cc or 1000cc, the 450cc provides a balanced mix of speed, agility, and torque.

2. Top Speed

In general, most 450cc sport ATVs can reach top speeds ranging from 55 to 65 mph, depending on the brand, model, and modifications. For many riders, this is more than sufficient for trail riding, dune shredding, or even competitive racing. Trust me, 55 mph feels much faster than it does in a car!

3. Acceleration and Power

One of the standout features of 450cc ATVs is their impressive acceleration. They have enough torque to quickly get up to speed, making them ideal for motocross-style events, tight trails, and even hill climbs. The power delivery is linear, allowing riders to have better control while navigating different terrains.

4. Versatility

The 450cc class is versatile. These ATVs can handle a wide range of terrains and situations, from sandy dunes to muddy trails and everything in between. Their size and power make them nimble enough to navigate tighter spots but powerful enough to tackle open spaces with vigor.

5. Comparisons with Other Engine Sizes

Larger engine sizes might offer more top-end speed, but they also come with added weight, potentially making them less agile in certain scenarios. On the flip side, smaller engine sizes, like the 250cc, might lack the punch needed for more demanding terrains or high-speed runs.

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