Top 5 ATVs with the Most Torque (Biggest Engines!)

Torque in ATVs isn’t just about raw power, it’s also about being able to ride on the steepest hills and haul the heaviest loads. If you are in the market for an ATV that puts out an impressive amount of torque, then you are in the right place. Today I will be talking about the top-tier ATVs that don’t just ride the trails – they dominate them!

The top 5 ATVs with the most torque are: 

  1. 2022 Yamaha Raptor 700
  2. Sportsman XP 1000
  3. CForce 1000 EPS
  4. Can-Am Outlander 800
  5. 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon

When it comes to choosing an ATV, engine size and torque are the dynamic duo that can make or break your off-road experience. Whether you’re towing gear or just want to feel the rush of acceleration, high-torque ATVs deliver performance that can handle the rough and tumble of the great outdoors. Keep reading to check out the top 5 ATVs with the most torque!

Why Do You Need Torque on an ATV?

a couple speeding on an UTV through dirt

Torque is the secret sauce that gives an ATV its get-up-and-go. It’s the force that helps you power through mud, over rocks, and up hills. Without enough torque, your ATV might struggle when the going gets tough. Think of torque as the muscle that helps your ATV flex its capabilities, no matter the terrain.

For those who love a good adventure, torque means excitement. It’s the difference between a sluggish ride and a thrilling one. High torque translates to better towing capacity, making it a must-have for those who need to haul equipment on their outdoor escapades. So, if you’re looking to get serious about off-roading, torque should be high on your checklist.

How Much Torque Does the Average ATV Have?

The average ATV is no slouch, with torque figures that can handle a variety of tasks. Typically, you’ll find that most ATVs on the market offer torque outputs ranging from 35 to 80 lb-ft. This range is sufficient for a wide range of off-road activities, from leisurely rides to more demanding chores like riding on challenging mountain terrains.

However, for those who crave a bit more oomph, the higher end of the torque scale is where the excitement lies. ATVs with torque outputs north of 70 lb-ft are considered the heavy hitters, capable of delivering exhilarating performance and robust towing capabilities. It’s this kind of torque that we’ll be focusing on as we explore the top 5 torque kings of the ATV world.

Top 5 ATVs with the Most Torque

When it comes to torque, these five ATVs are the cream of the crop. They’re the ones that turn heads with their engines’ roar and leave others in the dust. These machines are built for those who demand power and performance in one package. Let’s meet these torque titans.

Each of these ATVs brings something special to the table, with torque figures that are sure to impress. Whether it’s for work or play, these ATVs have the muscle to get the job done. So, buckle up as we introduce the top contenders that boast the most torque in the business.

#1 2022 Yamaha Raptor 700

a blue and white 2022 Yamaha Raptor 700

The 2022 Yamaha Raptor 700 roars at the top spot with an engine that’s built to impress. This beast is powered by a potent 686cc engine that delivers heart-pounding performance. With torque that’s at the top of its class, the Raptor 700 doesn’t just meet expectations—it shatters them. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the 2022 Yamaha Raptor is also at the top of my fastest ATVs in 2022 list.

Riders will appreciate the Raptor 700’s ability to translate its torque into responsive acceleration and climbing prowess. It’s an ATV that’s as eager to conquer the dunes as it is to take on the trails. With a reputation for reliability, the Raptor 700 stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to high-torque excellence.

Top Specs:

  • Engine: 686cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
  • Torque: High torque for aggressive acceleration
  • Features:
    • Fuel Injection for optimal fuel delivery
    • Hybrid steel and aluminum frame for a lightweight yet sturdy build
    • Aggressive styling that matches its performance

#2 Sportsman XP 1000

a grey Sportsman XP 1000

Next in line is the Sportsman XP 1000, a true powerhouse in the world of ATVs. Its 952cc engine is a force to be reckoned with, offering torque that can tackle the toughest terrains without breaking a sweat. It’s the ATV that answers the call of duty with power and precision. What I really like about this four-wheeler is its sturdy build. In fact, it’s the toughest ATV you can get!

The Sportsman XP 1000 isn’t just about raw torque; it’s about delivering a smooth and controlled ride. Its intelligent design ensures that the power is always there when you need it, making it a favorite for those who demand the best in both performance and comfort.

Top Specs:

  • Engine: 952cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, Twin Cylinder
  • Torque: Class-leading torque for tough terrains
  • Features:
    • Electronic Power Steering for better handling
    • 3-mode throttle control for precision riding
    • 14″ aluminum wheels with 26″ tires for superior traction

#3 CForce 1000 EPS

CForce 1000 EPS stock photo

The CForce 1000 EPS stands proud with a torque-rich 963cc engine that’s ready for any challenge. This ATV doesn’t just promise power; it delivers it in spades. With a build that’s as robust as its performance, the CForce 1000 EPS is a contender that refuses to be overlooked.

Riders will find the CForce 1000 EPS to be a reliable companion on their outdoor adventures. Its torque ensures that whether you’re hauling gear or exploring new trails, you’re in for a ride that’s both exhilarating and dependable.

Top Specs:

  • Engine: 963cc, V-twin, 8-valve, SOHC
  • Torque: Robust torque for hauling and climbing
  • Features:
    • Electronic Power Steering for easy maneuverability
    • Quad-link rear suspension for a smooth ride
    • LED lights and a modern dashboard with a digital display

#4 Can-Am Outlander 800

a yellow Can-Am Outlander 800

Can-Am’s reputation for producing high-torque ATVs is embodied in the Outlander 800. With a V-twin engine that’s synonymous with high performance, this ATV offers torque that’s ready to flex at a moment’s notice. It’s a machine that’s all about delivering a punch when you hit the throttle.

The Outlander 800’s torque is matched by its agility, making it a top choice for those who want a balance of power and maneuverability. It’s an ATV that’s as comfortable on the trail as it is when it’s putting in work, proving that Can-Am understands what high-torque seekers want.

Top Specs:

  • Engine: 799.9cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve (4-valve/cyl)
  • Torque: Powerful torque for responsive throttle
  • Features:
    • Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension
    • Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential for better control
    • High-strength, multifunction racks with LinQ quick-attach accessory system

#5 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon

2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon

Rounding out our list is the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon, a legend in its own right. Honda’s engineering excellence shines through with an ATV that’s both powerful and polished. The Rincon’s 675cc engine provides torque that’s smooth and steady, perfect for riders who value precision.

The FourTrax Rincon is the ATV for those who want a machine that’s built to last. Its torque is a testament to Honda’s dedication to quality, ensuring that riders have the power they need, whenever they need it. It’s a classic choice for those who respect the blend of tradition and torque.

  • Engine: 675cc, liquid-cooled, OHV, semi-dry-sump, single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Torque: Smooth and steady torque for reliable performance
  • Features:
    • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) for a smooth ride over rough terrain
    • Three-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter
    • GPScape navigation system for easy tracking and trail management

How to Get More Torque from Your ATV

Boosting your ATV’s torque isn’t just about adding power; it’s about fine-tuning your quad to deliver when it counts. Here’s a guide to squeezing every bit of performance out of your ATV’s engine:

Upgrade the Air Intake and Exhaust

  • Air Intake: Swap out the stock air filter for a high-flow model. More air equals better combustion and more power.
  • Exhaust: A performance exhaust system reduces backpressure, allowing exhaust gases to escape more freely, increasing efficiency and torque.

Regular Maintenance

  • Oil Changes: Use high-quality oil to reduce engine friction for a smoother operation.
  • Air Filter: Clean or replace regularly to ensure optimal air flow.
  • Spark Plugs: Good spark plugs mean better combustion, translating to more power.
  • Tire Pressure: Correct tire pressure ensures better traction, translating engine power effectively to the ground.

Engine Tuning

  • Fuel Mapping: Use a fuel controller to adjust the fuel map for better performance.
  • Ignition Timing: Advanced ignition timing can sometimes increase power, but be cautious to avoid engine knock.

High-Quality Fuels

Remember, while chasing more torque, it’s crucial to keep your ATV’s engine within its mechanical limits to avoid damage. Always consult with a professional when in doubt, and ensure that any modifications are done safely and in accordance with local regulations.

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