Top 5 Fastest ATVs in 2021: Top speed and roaring engines

ATV brands come up with new quad models every year, each time with more impressive features and better performance. If you are wondering what is the fastest ATV 2021 has to offer, you will not want to miss my top 5 list down below.

Based on top speed alone, the fastest ATV 2021 model is the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, which can reach an impressive speed of 82mph. In second and third place, we find the newly released CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland with a top speed of 80mph and the 2021 Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000R that can reach up to 78mph. Acceleration speed might be just as important, but Polaris still takes the cake getting from 0 to 60mph in 5.15 seconds. Out of the three ATV models, the CForce 1000 Overland is the slowest with an average of 11.7 seconds 0-60 acceleration. People looking for speed on a budget will want to check out the 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 700 EPS SE and the Yamaha Kodiak 700 as well.

If you want to get the fastest ATV released in 2021, then you can go right ahead and purchase the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000. However, if you would like to learn more about what makes an ATV fast and how to make the best decision for your needs, keep on reading for my full guide on buying powerful quads.

The Fastest ATVs in 2021

There’s nothing that an off-road rider loves more than a powerful engine with an impressive top speed. The thrill of going 70 miles per hour and feeling the wind on your face is close to none. Still, speed is not the only feature you should look at when buying a new quad.

Yes, speed is important if you want to impress your friends and have fun on an open road. However, ATVs are made for traversing tough terrains, where you cannot expect to reach top speed. Therefore, make sure to look at tire size, wheelbase, suspension, and ground clearance as well for a complete overview of your new ATV’s capabilities.

That being said, I will share with you the top three features that I look at when determining what the fastest ATV is. I start out researching the engine size and horsepower, then look at top speed. If the top speed is higher than usual, I will check out the acceleration too. This way, I can get an understanding of how the ATV will ride on trails too.

Fast acceleration means you can reach higher speeds even on difficult trails, so the overall experience might feel better. Based on these criteria, I took my time to put together a top 5 list of the fastest ATVs released in 2021.

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The 2021 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000

Packing a twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled 952cc engine, the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 is one of the most versatile ATVs on the market. It has 90 horsepower, which means it’s both a powerful machine out on the trails and a hauling beast on the worksite with up to 1,5000lbs towing capacity.

Not to mention that it has 25-inch tires and ground clearance of 11.5 inches that will take you over rocky terrains and tricky sand dunes with ease. Polaris knows their suspension systems as well, packing this quad with Dual A-Arm systems both on the front and rear.

A stock Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 can reach a top speed of up to 82mph, making it my top choice in terms of the fastest ATV model in 2021. Not only that, but the ProStar engine is smoother than anything I’ve seen before from this brand.

The Sportsman can reach 60mph in around 5.15 seconds, so it is not my first choice for a beginner rider. It’s clear that you need to know how to handle this powerful 4 wheeler. But if you do, then you will have a trustworthy sidekick that will help you conquer the trails like no other. The retail price for the 2021 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 is $12,399.

The 2021 CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland

CFMOTO outdid itself when it launched the 1000 Overland on the market. This new adventure quad comes with a 79hp V-Twin 963cc engine that can pack a punch and reach high speeds like it’s nothing.

This 2021 model might catch the attention of people that want extra storage on their quad or even a rear seat. The stock 1000 Overland comes with a rear storage box that can be replaced with a passenger seat, which is quite a unique feature for a sports ATV. The 58 inches wheelbase and the imposing design make it a terrifying brute that catches the eye of an experienced off-roader.

You will ride comfortably on this rugged 4-wheeler with electric transmission, even though the suspension systems are not the smoothest in the field. Regardless, if your goal is to have the fastest ATV out of your friends, then you cannot go wrong with the CFMOTO CForce 1000 Overland. This model can reach up to 80mph, with a 0-60mph acceleration speed of 11.7 seconds.

I get this might seem slow acceleration when comparing it to the Polaris Sportsman, but in practice, it’s not that noticeable. Still, there’s no denying the difference. CFMOTO’s 2021 model retails for around $12,199.

The 2021 Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000R

It’s not really a top of the best ATVs on the market if Can-Am doesn’t enter the picture. This brand is known for creating high-performance motocross dirtbikes, so you can expect that the Rotax engine technology creates powerful ATVs as well. In 2021, Can-Am released quite a few new Outlander models, but none as fast as the Outlander XT-P 1000R.

The 91 horsepower V-twin Rotax engine has a 976cc capacity and can reach a top speed of 78mph. With dynamic power steering and improved suspension systems, Can-Am didn’t come to play when they released the 2021 version of this Outlander. It packs 26-inch tires and has a ground clearance of 11 inches, which means you will be able to tackle difficult terrains without trouble on this quad.

Switching to “Sport” mode and feeling that quick acceleration on the Outlander will make you remember why you like off-roading so much. It’s not as fast as the Polaris Sportsman, but Can-Am doesn’t back down from the fight with a 5.85 seconds 0-60mph acceleration speed. The average sale price for the Can-Am Outlander XT-P 1000R is $14,449.

The 2021 Arctic Cat Alterra 700 EPS SE

Arctic Cat is another brand that is known to produce reliable and high-performance quads. The Thundercat 1000 is their fastest ATV ever, reaching top speeds of 79mph. Their newest Alterra 700 model doesn’t do too shabby in this department either, with a top speed of 75mph. As for acceleration, it can get from 0 to 60mph in around 8.7 seconds.

The Alterra 700 EPS SE is powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke 695cc engine and has electronic power steering. The suspension system is a Double A-Arm, which is highly regarded in the off-road community.

Other than that, it might be good to note that it is a two-passenger ATV with 11-inch ground clearance and CVT transmission. This quad is significantly cheaper than its 1000cc competitors, sitting at a base price of $7,999.

The 2021 Yamaha Kodiak 700

The slowest quad on today’s list is actually not slow at all. The top speed of 68mph blows other quads out of the water, but today it is pinned against some powerful opponents. The acceleration speed for the Kodiak is approximately 10 seconds, which is still better than CFMOTO’s model.

What else you need to know about Yamaha’s new ATV is that it’s equipped with a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine with a 686cc capacity. This ergonomic 4 wheeler can tow around 1322 lbs and is a good budget-friendly option for people that still want to reach high speeds on the track.

The lowest priced Yamaha Kodiak 700 retails for $7,499, which is a steal when you compare it to the almost $15k you would pay on the Can-Am Outlander. Still, the fastest low-budget option on the list remains the Arctic Cat Alterra 700 EPS SE. I recommend you compare the other specs to make your final decision between the two.

What is the Best ATV in 2021?

Whenever brands start releasing new updated models, riders are quick to think: “what is the best ATV this year?”. Well, this depends on what you want to use the quad for. For instance, if you want speed and a high-performance engine, then I would say the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000R is the best ATV released in 2021.

Polaris scores high again when it comes to trail riding, as its Sportsman 570 comes with some new exciting features and great endurance while trail riding. As for farmwork, the 2021 Honda TRX 420 Rancher is definitely worth checking out.

Other exciting releases this year include the above-mentioned Can-Am’s Outlander, Arctic Cat’s new Alterra 700, Yamaha’s Kodiak, and the Kingquad 750 AXi from Suzuki. All of these brands equip their quads with powerful engines, great suspension systems, and unique extra features that might be of interest to you. Depending on your budget and preferences, you might feel that one of these ATVs are better than the Polaris Sportsman.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, Polaris comes out on top in terms of engine power, speed, and tough terrain handling. Their Sportsman model might be a bit bulky and hard to maneuver for some, but the overall specs on this quad are quite a sight to behold. I cannot wait to see what they come up with in the following year.

What is the Fastest ATV on the Market?

The fastest ATV of 2021 is not necessarily the fastest ATV available on the market. Quads from past years still hold up strong today, so it’s good not to be hasty when making your decision. The highest speed ever recorded on an ATV was 196.19 mph on a modified Yamaha Raptor 700. The world record is held up to this day by Terry Wilmeth, who added a hybrid rocket thruster on Yamaha’s star quad.

Even a stock Raptor 700 reaches 85mph with ease, so this model is considered the fastest ATV on the market up to this day. This sports ATV was made for performance riding and is one of the most popular 4-wheelers in the off-roading community. This surprisingly small monster promises a fun ride on all types of terrain, from sand dunes to steep mountain trails.

You might also check out the article I wrote where I compare the top 3 ATVs with the best suspension systems.

What is the Fastest Stock Quad Ever Made?

The fastest stock quad ever made is most likely the Yamaha Raptor 700, but the monumental Quadzilla still holds this title. For good reason, of course. Suzuki was the first brand to bring to the market quads as we know them, and their later-released Suzuki LT500 made history. This model appeared on the market in 1988 and was manufactured for just 4 years.

At the time, it broke records in terms of top speed, which is why it quickly became nicknamed the “Quadzilla.” The top speed of the Suzuki LT500 Quadracer is 80mph, which today is surpassed both by the Yamaha, the CFMOTO, and the Polaris models that I talked about today. Still, this ATV was revolutionary for its time, so the community doesn’t mind letting it keep this title.


The year 2021 brought to the light a lot of exciting ATV models, with added features and even new suspension technology. After researching all of the new quads on the market, I found that the 2021 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 has both the highest top speed and the best acceleration speed available. The other four ATVs I shared with you today are all excellent in their own right, so make sure to have a look at all the specs before making your decision.

Regardless, Polaris is a well-established ATV brand known for quality parts and high performance. You can’t go wrong with a Sportsman on the open road, on the trails, or even at work!

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