Top Awesome 15 ATV Helmet Ideas

While off-road riding is fun in itself, I always enjoy the customization and accessorizing process as well. This includes helmets, which often people don’t realize can be customized. If you are here looking for some unique and creative ATV helmets ideas, you are sure to enjoy what’s coming.

There are many reasons why ATV riders should wear a helmet, the main one being safety. However, many established off-roaders will use their helmet as a signature look that can be spotted and recognized on trails and in competitions. When searching for a new helmet, always take into account safety features first, then figure out which design best fits you. From artistic paintings to full-on masks, you can find a vast array of ATV customizations. I put together a comprehensive list of different ATV helmet ideas that are sure to inspire you and help you find your off-road style.

If you enjoy letting your personality shine through your appearance, then you are going to love the 15 ATV helmet ideas I have for you today. Keep on reading at the end to see my top design recommendations for teenagers as well.

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ATV Helmets Ideas

I can not stress enough how important it is to wear a helmet every time you go off-roading. Heck, even when you’re loading your ATV on a ramp, you can get seriously injured without a good quality helmet on your head. I urge you to never hit the trails unprotected to look “cool,” because serious off-riders will tell you it’s not. Instead, try finding a fun and personalized helmet that can show off your interests. This is way cooler in my book.

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That being said, let’s get right to the fun ATV designs I selected for you today. I’m sure at least one of these will pique your interest.

Geometric ATV Helmets Ideas

There are a lot of cool geometric designs out there from popular ATV helmet brands, but here I’m actually talking about 3D geometric applications on the helmet. Here are two of my favorite designs out there that makes you feel like you’re riding in the future:

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Futuristic ATV Helmets Ideas

Since I was talking about the future, here is another category of helmets that look straight out of a Sci-Fi movie: the chrome foiled ATV helmets. If you find a similar gold or silver outfit to go with the helmet, you will definitely be recognized out of a lineup of 100 riders with ease.


Vintage ATV Helmets Ideas

On the other side of the coin, we have, of course, vintage helmets. If you are a big fan of historic motorcycle helmets, then you will be pleased to know there are ATV helmets made in that design as well. You are sure to be unique with a helmet like that. I also added in this category a helmet with wood applications that looks so great that I might get one for myself too.

Skull ATV Helmets Ideas

Ah, finally, a classic! Whether you ride off-road or you are a biker, you must have seen some skull-inspired helmets out there. I chose to share with you three new and refreshing takes on the skull design.

Patriotic ATV Helmets Ideas

If you want to slap the American flag right on your helmet, go for it! However, these two designs I chose to show you are more subtle ways to show your love for your country and the troops. Not to mention that they have sleek and modern designs that will raise the interest of fellow ATV owners too.

Top ATV Helmet Ideas for Teenagers

If your young one has a birthday coming up and you’re trying to find a thoughtful gift for them, then a customized ATV helmet is a great idea! If they’re as much into off-road riding as you are, then they will appreciate a new way to accessorize their look that matches their personality.

Now, from what I see in teenage riders in off-road communities, they either go for a cool and edgy design or something that reflects their interests. I’ll share with you four great helmets, two for girls and two for boys, that I think will make a great gift for a teenager. When you make your decision, you can ask their best friend if they think it’s a good idea, just to double-check.

ATV Helmet Ideas for Teenage Boys

While the first one I’m sharing is a classic O’Neil hamlet with an intricate design, the second one is a mask inspired by a DC superhero called Red Hood. You will find tons of personalized ATV helmets with all types of superheroes and villains, from The Punisher to Venom. If you know your young one has a favorite character, this is your time to put that knowledge towards a thoughtful gift.


ATV Helmet Ideas for Girls

Not all young girls are not into girly stuff, so make sure to take your kid’s personal interest into mind when making a choice. The first one I’m showing you is a similar cool design with splashes of pink, while the second one has the famous “cat ears” that twitchers made popular. If your young one spends a lot of time on the internet and likes making a statement, a unique helmet will definitely make her day!

Regardless of which design caught your eye best, make sure to always check for safety features and the quality of the helmet! Safety should always trump style. Not to mention visibility, which can be corrupted by some mask-type designs. Now go out and show off that awesome new ATV helmet out on the trails!

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