Transform Your ATV Into the Ultimate Lawn Mower

Have you grown tired of having to do mow the lawn every week? If that is the case, I have the perfect idea for you to make this chore something exciting and fun to look forward to. You can build an ATV mower.

You can attach a lawn mower to an ATV to cut grass. The ATV can be mounted with a pull behind mower that makes it super fast and easy to cut grass. In fact, attaching a pull behind mower for ATV is more than often a better idea than using a regular lawn tractor. The reason behind this is that ATV mowers allow you to get through big fields with ease. The maneuverability and control that ATVs offer is also a significant advantage over lawn tractors.

Transforming your ATV into a lawn mower is quite simple. You only need to know what attachments. However, there are also some cons that you need to take into consideration when cutting grass with your ATV. Keep reading to find out more.

Can You Attach a Lawn Mower to an ATV?

mower attached to ATV

Yes, you can! ATVs are some of the most versatile vehicles available on the market, and they can be improved with attachments. This includes pull behind mowers that allow you to cut the grass around the yard. The cool thing about transforming your ATV into a lawn mower is that you are also transforming a weekly chore into a fun adventure.

Attaching a lawn mower is super simple, and there are multiple models that you can choose. For example, I love using the flair mower because it does a fantastic job cutting thick grass. On the other hand, some people might like the shredder more because it comes with an additional cutting bar that is better suited for bushes.

As previously mentioned, there are also some cons that you will have to deal with if you want to build an ATV mower. Don’t worry. I will explain everything so that you have all the information you need to determine if getting an ATV mower is the right decision or not.

The Pros of Using an ATV Mower

Check out the list below to find out the pros that you will benefit from if you choose to get an ATV mower:

  • It’s fast!

The biggest difference that you will notice when using an ATV as a lawn mower instead of the traditional tractors is that the ATV is much faster. Depending on the engine’s size, you can reach an average speed of 50 MPH. This is more than enough to cut grass around the yard.

  • Budget choice

Mounting an ATV pull behind mower is not only about transforming a boring chore into a fun one. It’s also about making a budget choice. Choosing to only buy a lawn mower attachment for your ATV is much cheaper than choosing to buy a regular lawn tractor.

  • Easy to get through tall grass

One of the best things about using an ATV mower is that cutting tall grass is no longer going to be a problem. You will be able to drive through it with ease. In addition, since ATVs are equipped with 4×4 traction support, you will have no problems driving on tough terrain where a regular lawn tractor would never be able to reach.

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The Cons of Using an ATV Mower

Even though riding an ATV is going to make mowing the lawn a fun activity, there are some cons I need to highlight.

  • Difficult to turn

What took me by surprise the most when I attached a tow behind mower to my ATV was that turning is much more difficult. I expected to be able to glide through the yard while cutting the grass, but this wasn’t the case. Maneuverability will be something that you need to get adjusted to.

  • Not very precise

If you are not careful when using an ATV mower, you will end up doing more harm than good. The reason behind this is that ATVs are fast, and it’s super easy to cut grass, no matter how thick it might be. On the flip side, ATV mowers are not very precise. As a result, you can damage the lawn and make the grass look uneven.

  • It can get tiring

Another con that you should take into consideration is that riding an ATV mower can get tiring. You need to keep the quad at a constant speed so that the grass gets cut even, and this is tiresome. While it might not be as tiring as having to cut the grass manually, your hands will feel fatigued after 15-minutes or so.

What is an ATV Mower?

atv mower


An ATV mower is a quad that has been equipped with a front or rear side mower. The four-wheeler can now be used to cut the grass around the yard. That’s not all. If you use a premium mower, you can also cut meadow grass, hay, and small trees. Using an ATV mower is the best way to transform a boring task into a fun activity.

Does Polaris Make a Lawn Mower?

While Polaris might not be a dedicated lawn mower, its ATVs can be easily modified to work as lawn mowers. For example, the popular Ranger series works with any 2-inch hitch receiver. Therefore, you can attach any front or back lawn mower to the ATV. You can also get an ATV brush mower.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can attach a lawn mower to an ATV. There are many models that you can find online, and my advice is to consider the cons that I presented above. If you are not worried about difficult turns when mowing the lawn or uneven cuts, transforming an ATV into a mower is a good idea.

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