What is 250cc ATV Top Speed? (Yamaha, Can-Am and More)

250cc quads have been a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts for many years now. Whether it’s the power of the engine, the speed, or the fact that they are great for beginners and advanced riders, the 250cc range of ATVs became best-sellers worldwide. But how fast can a 250cc quad really go? Today I will go over the most popular 250cc ATVs on the market and present their top speeds.

In general, 250cc ATVs will ride at 45-50 mph and reach a maximum speed of 60 mph on good roads. The fastest 250cc ATV in the world is the Yamaha Raptor 250cc which tops at 60 mph. While 60 mph might not seem that impressive, it’s actually more than required to get an adrenaline-fueled off-road experience. 250cc four-wheelers are powerful enough to ride on steep hills, through mud, or even water without any problems. The great thing about 250cc ATVs is the fact that their performance is almost on the same level as 350cc four-wheelers. Therefore, you can get a better price and similar engine performance by choosing to buy a 250cc ATV.

Do you want to buy a new ATV and are worried that the 250cc engine class might be too small for you? This is not the case, especially if you are a new rider! With that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the top speed of 250cc ATVs and how they make any off-road experience more fun.

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What is the Top Speed of a 250cc ATV?

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Engine size is one of the most important aspects to consider buying an ATV. If you are looking at 250cc ATVs because they offer a great entry price for beginners, you should know that the top speed a 250cc four-wheeler can reach is 60 mph. The engine size is also referred to as the volume, capacity, or engine displacement and it’s measured in cubic centimeters (cc). For ATVs, the engine size can vary from as little as 70cc to 1100cc. In fact, I wrote an article about the biggest Yamaha ATV engine where I present its top speed, torque, and power. As you can imagine, quads that have bigger cylinders and pistons will have more power and reach a higher top speed.

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There are multiple factors that determine how fast an ATV can go. However, the engine displacement is the most important one. When it comes to 250cc ATVs, it’s worth mentioning that they are considered middle-class ATVs (speed-wise). Therefore, they are more than powerful enough for recreational activities like riding on forest trails or even doing work around the farm. On the downside of things, 250cc ATVs are not ideal for aggressive trail riding. I highly recommend looking into 700cc quads or above if this is what you are looking for.

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How Fast Will a 250cc ATV Go? (Average Top speed & Highest speed)

If you have done your research, you probably know by now that manufacturers don’t usually state the top speed of their models on their websites. That is because ATVs are built for different purposes, other than speeding on trails. If you ever tried to go really fast on an ATV, I am sure that you noticed how uncomfortable it feels to ride at a four-wheeler’s top speed. The reason behind this is that ATVs are not designed for racing. The ATV will feel unstable when riding at 50 mph, in the 250cc case, because it can’t speed that fast for a long duration. I should also highlight that the fuel economy will not very good if you continuously ride at top speeds.

Nowadays there are a lot of sports quads that can easily reach an impressive top speed of 80mph. A 250cc quad has an average top speed of 50 mph and a highest top speed of 60 mph. This is how the engine capacity influences the top speed of a quad:

  • 50 cc – 13 to 15 mph
  • 100 cc – 27 to 29 mph
  • 150 cc – 30 mph
  • 250 cc – 60 mph
  • 450 cc – 60 to 70 mph
  • 700 cc – 70 mph
  • 1000 cc – 80 mph

However, the top speed is influenced by a bunch of other factors and it depends on the model we are discussing. That is why I decided to talk about some of the most popular 250cc models on the market. Keep on reading to find out how big the differences are and which model is the fastest 250 cc quad on the market.

What is TaoTao 250cc ATV Top Speed?

TaoTao’s 250cc ATV is a utility quad packed with new features including of course a four-stroke 250cc, air-cooled, gas-powered engine. Despite being marketed as a “utility vehicle”, the 250cc four-wheeler maxes out at 50-55 mph. This is quite impressive, especially when considering that the TaoTao 250cc ATV is perfect for both beginner and advanced off-road riders. However, it’s important to highlight that the four-wheeler is designed to run at 40-50 mph. As a result, it will not very stable when reaching the top speed of 50 mph.

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What is Yamaha 250cc ATV Top Speed?

Yamaha Raptor 250cc reaches a top speed of 60 mph. This is the fastest 250cc four-wheeler available on the market, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise since Yamaha is an industry leader that makes some of the world’s best quads. The 250cc Raptor was designed as an intermediate model between the 350 cc and the 100 cc ones that were out on the market. It has a light and powerful 249cc, air-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke engine that guarantees you a smooth and effortless ride along the trails. Its light-built but strong chassis and lightweight tires reduce the total weight of the machine, resulting in a fast and powerful quad that can take on any terrain.

What is Tornado 250cc ATV Top Speed?

The RPS Tornado 250cc Sport ATV is another great quad with a single-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled 250cc. Similar to the TaoTao 250cc, it can easily reach 40 mph with a maximum speed of 50 mph. Though not a very popular brand among quad-riders, Tornado manufactures great four-wheelers that sell for affordable prices too.

What is Vitacci Pentora 250cc Racing ATV Top Speed?

The Vitacci Pentora 250 is another 250cc class size powerful quad. Its 4-stroke engine and steady build makes it perfect for any kind of terrain. Its top speed of 45 mph is not that impressive, but it makes up for it with its aggressive sport styling and its hydraulic disc brakes (front and back) that provide reliability and safety when riding on the trails.

Is 250cc ATV Good?

The 250cc class size is to this day, a top choice among many riders, whether we are talking about experienced riders or beginners. 250cc ATVs are good enough whether you are looking to buy a sports ATV or a utility one, as they reach a pretty impressive speed of 40-60 mph on average. If you feel like that is more than enough for you, go ahead and buy a 250cc quad. I highly recommend choosing a 250cc ATV if you are a beginner.

 How Fast is a 200cc 4-wheeler?

A 200cc four-wheeler can be just as great as a 250cc one. The difference in speed isn’t that significant, with the 200cc reaching a top speed of 45-47 mph, compared to the 250cc which can go with 50 mph or even 60 mph, depending on the model. The 200cc class has some great models as well so if you are willing to pass by the fact that these quads are not the fastest, make sure you take a look at them.

How Fast is a 300cc 4-wheeler?

If you are in the market for a new quad and the 250cc didn’t convince you, you may probably be wondering if the 300cc four-wheelers are better. Well, the quads in this class can usually reach 65-68 mph, but this depends on the model and the purpose it was built for. Like in any other class, there are some slower models and some which were designed to be sports ATVs and therefore are a lot more powerful.

Final Words

If you are looking to buy a quad and speed is what matters the most to you, consider going for a higher engine capacity such as the 1000cc class of quads that can reach a top speed of 80 mph. However, it’s essential to highlight that 1000cc quads are not designed for beginners. Keep in mind that quads are simply not built for high speed so if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe a dirt bike would be the best fit for you. However, in my opinion, 250cc quads are great, especially if you are new to off-road riding.

The speed you reach when riding a quad depends on other factors as well such as the weight of the machine, the trail you are riding on, the configuration or whether you have a speed limiter installed or not, and so on. Because of these variables, not every 250cc quad will be able to reach the same top speed even if it has the same engine displacement. Nonetheless, I highly recommend the Yamaha Raptor 250cc for riders who want to reach fast speeds that will get their hearts pumping.

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