What is Honda’s Best Four-Wheeler?(Rincon vs Rancher)

Honda is one of the world’s most reputable ATV makers, and there is no doubt about that. The company makes great off-road products and if you are a fan of Japanese engineering, you will love the four-wheelers made by Honda. When it comes to picking the best Honda four-wheeler, you have to take into consideration the following: reliability, comfort, performance, and the overall quality of the materials. But don’t worry, I did the research for you.

The best Honda four-wheeler is the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon. The ATV is powered by a 675cc liquid-cooled, longitudinally-mounted single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This is the biggest engine that Honda ever made for an ATV. The ATV uses an independent rear suspension that provides a smooth riding experience, no matter what type of terrain you might be riding on. 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon really shines when it comes to convenience because it offers access to features like the option to choose between two-wheel or four-wheel drive. This is super useful for mudding, riding on steep hills, and going through shallow water.

The 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon is hands down the best four-wheeler that Honda offers. Today I’ll present all the features that make the ATV worth its hefty $9,499 price tag. I will also highlight some cons that you should be aware of.

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What is Honda’s Best ATV?

a red 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon shown from the right side

Whether you are new to the world of riding ATVs or a veteran, I am sure you are familiar with Honda. The reason behind this is that Honda is a pioneer in the ATV industry, and it made lots of iconic models such as the Foreman 4×4 or the Recon ES TRX 250 TE. However, there is one ATV that is considered the best. I am talking about the highly popular 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon.

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There are many reasons why this ATV holds the title of being the best. For example, Honda made sure to equip the four-wheeler with the biggest engine it has. The 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon runs on a 675cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers an impressive amount of torque. You can ride on steep hills without any single problem. Pair the engine’s torque with the ability to switch between two to wheel drive in an instant, and there’s nothing that can stop you. In fact, a friend of mine lent me his 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon for a day, and I remember how smooth it felt to ride through muddy areas where I would normally have a difficult time.

Thanks to the huge engine that the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon uses, it should come as no surprise that the ATV is featured on my 2022 fastest top 5 fastest ATVs list.

One of the things that you will feel right from the moment you start riding this ATV is the smooth handling. Honda knows how to make excellent suspension systems, and the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon is not an exception to the rule. The four-wheeler is equipped with an independent rear suspension system designed to bring the engine’s center of gravity lower. This is a great feature because it helps with traction and ground clearance.

Since I am talking about just how smooth the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon feels when riding it on rugged terrains, I have to give a shot out to the great speed selector system. The folks at Honda equipped the ATV with a three-speed selector that can be operated solely from the handlebar. You don’t have to worry about switching gears with your foot. Whenever you feel like you need more power, you switch to four wheel drive set it to a lower gear, and you are good to go.

Highlight Features:

Below you can find a breakdown of the best important features that Honda’s ATV offers:

  • 675cc liquid-cooled engine (it’s the biggest engine Honda has ever made);
  • Independent double-wishbone suspension system (front + rear);
  • Dual hydraulic frontal brakes and single hydraulic rear brakes;
  • Rear rack capacity: 126 pounds;
  • Front rack capacity: 66 pounds;
  • Automatic transmission (three gears);
  • Easy switch between two wheel to four wheel drive;
  • Comfortable seating.

What is the Best Used Honda ATV Model?

While the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon might be the best ATV that Honda has ever made, it’s quite expensive. If you are planning to buy the ATV brand-new, then you will spend almost $10,000. Most people don’t have that big of a budget for their hobbies. Luckily, you can get a used Honda ATV for a much cheaper price. The tricky part is to know which used Honda ATV model to choose so that you don’t end up paying more money in the long run with repairs.

The best used Honda ATV model is the Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE. Honda launched the model back in 2008, and the Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE is still one of the best four-wheelers you can get in 2022. What makes this Honda ATV shine is the fact that it comes with a 420cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers outstanding performances. More importantly, the engine is reliable and this is what makes the Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE a great choice for people who are looking for used ATVs.

Some other features that will make you consider getting the Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE is the four-wheeler’s selectable two and four wheel mode, the impressive torque, five-speed + reserve transmission, and the impressive 6.5 inch ground clearance. You can ride the Rancher 4×4 ES TRX 420 FE on any type of terrain without having to worry about hitting a rock or branch.

The Honda Fourtrax Rancher is such a great ATV that it’s featured on the second spot of my toughest ATV list. Read now to find out more.

What is the Best Honda Four Wheeler for Mudding?

A red FourTrax Rancher 420 4x4 being shown from the front side

The FourTrax Rancher 420 4×4 is the best ATV for mudding made by Honda. The four-wheeler was designed for fun outdoor activities, and therefore, Honda made sure to equip it with a powerful 420cc engine that delivers up to 26 horsepower. This is super impressive for an ATV, especially when considering that the FourTrax Rancher 420 features a 4×4 traction that is paired with DCT transmission to provide smooth control and fast shifts.

What makes the FourTrax Rancher 420 4×4 ideal for mudding is the high 7.2 inch ground clearance. Pair the high ground clearance with the 24 x 10-11 rear tires, and you can go through mud without any problems. It’s also important to mention that Honda equipped the ATV with steel racks to improve the overall durability. As a result, you can ride the FourTrax Rancher 420 4×4 on mountains and rugged terrain without having to worry that it might get damaged.

Furthermore, the four-wheeler uses an independent double-wishbone front suspension that delivers 6.69 inches of travel. That’s not all. The FourTrax Rancher 420 4×4 also has a swingarm that offers 6.69 inches of travel. Thanks to all these premium features, the FourTrax Rancher 420 4×4 is the best ATV Honda made for mudding and all other outdoor riding activities. You can take the ATV on any type of terrain, and you are guaranteed to have a blast.

What is the Best Brand of Four-Wheeler to Buy?

While there might be many premium ATV brands, there is one that stands out. I am talking about Polaris. Polaris is a US-based ATV manufacturer that makes amazing ATVs. Some of the brand’s most popular models include iconic ATVs such as the Polaris Sportsmax XP 1000 (which is the fastest ATV in 2021) and the Polaris Sportsman 570 Ultimate Trail LE, which is designed for trail riding.

I want to highlight that even though Polaris is considered the best ATV brand, this doesn’t mean that other companies are not making great models. You can take the 2022 Honda FourTrax Rincon, for example. This is a top-tier ATV that delivers outstanding performances on all types of terrain.

Do you want to learn more about the best American ATV brands? You are in luck! I love American-made quads and wrote a blog post that showcases the best models made in the USA. The list includes models like the Polaris Sportsman 850, Arctic Cat Alterra 450, and the John Deere Gator XUV 835R side by side.

What is the Most Powerful Honda Four-Wheeler?

Since the Honda FourTrax Rincon is the best ATV that Honda ever made, it should come as no surprise that it’s considered to be the most powerful Honda four-wheeler on the market. The ATV is equipped with premium parts, and you will certainly feel the engine’s power right from the moment that you start it. The 675cc engine is a beast, and the torque it offers is more than enough needed to have a good time riding on trails.

Should You Choose Honda Over Other ATV Brands?

Honda is a pioneer in the ATV industry, and it launched a wide range of iconic models. As a result, you can always choose Honda over other ATV brands, and you will not regret it. Of course, there are older models that you can buy used and will not offer the best performances, but if you buy a new Honda four-wheeler, you won’t have anything to worry about. All Honda ATVs are made to last and to offer fun offroad experiences.

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