Will an ATV Fit in a 7×14 Trailer? (Checking Measurements)

While four-wheelers are great to ride on forest and mountain trails, they are not always so fun on city roads and highways. This is why most people choose to hitch a trailer to their vehicles when heading to trails located far away. You can fit most ATVs in a single trailer and depending on the size of the trailer, you can even get away with fitting two. In fact, a 7 x 14 trailer can easily fit an ATV.

An ATV will fit in a 7 x 14 trailer. The trailer is large enough to fit most ATV models, including big ones like the popular Yamaha Grizzly 450. ATV forums show that people can easily fit up to two Grizzlies in a 7 x 14 trailer. It will be a tight fit, but you will still be able to close the doors and drive your vehicle without having to worry that a four-wheeler will drop on the road. The best way to decide if the trailer is good for your ATV is to check the owner’s manual and see the exact measurements for your quad.

Since a Yamaha Grizzly fits in a 7 x 14 enclosed trailer, you will be able to fit most ATV models in it. I scoured the web in search of the best storage option for an ATV and I’ll present them below. This includes how many ATVs can fit in a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer.

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Can an ATV Fit in a 7 x 14 Trailer?

A 7 x 14 trailer is big enough to fit any ATV model. This includes the biggest Yamaha ATVs like the Grizzly 700 EPS SE that I wrote a full article about. You can visit it by clicking here. That ATV features the following measurements L x W x H: 81.5 inch x 49.2 inch x 50.0 inch, and it fits in a 7 x 14 trailer without a single problem. The fit might be a bit tight if your ATV is equipped with extra accessories like a bulbar, but you will be able to close the doors.

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If you have more than one ATV, you should be pleased to know that the 7 x 14 enclosed trailer can usually fit up to 2 quads. It’s important to mention that it’s safer to carry just one ATV when using an enclosed trailer. The reason behind this is that the four-wheelers might get damaged if they are not secured tightly and move when you brake or take tight corners.

The best tip that I can share with ATV owners or people who are thinking about getting one and are not sure if it will fit in their trailer is to check the owner’s manual. The manual will include the exact information on the four-wheeler’s measurements and therefore, you will be able to easily tell if it fits in your trailer.

Make sure to use premium ratchet straps to help you secure the ATVs in the trailer. There are many types of straps that you can get, but I primarily prefer the one from Cargo Control. They are available on Amazon and cost less than $70. Click here to check out the Cargo Control Ratchet Straps.

Can 2 ATVs Fit in a 6 x 12 Enclosed Trailer?

A 6 x 12 enclosed trailer is great for a single ATV, but it’s not good for two. In fact, two ATVs will not fit in a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer, even if you try to let the doors slightly open and tie the four-wheelers down. Considering that two Yamaha Grizzlies barely fit in a 7 x 14 trailer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a 6 x 12 is not quite enough. You can also visit this thread from the GrizzlyCentral forum where multiple users reveal that fitting more than one ATV in a 6 x 12 trailer is not possible.

How Big of a Trailer Do I need to Safely Transport My ATV?

Whether you are planning to move or want to check out a forest trailer that is far away from home, a trailer will help safely transport your ATV from point A to B. The tricky part is knowing how big of a trailer you need. A 6 x 12 trailer is perfect for carrying a single ATV. The trailer has a weight limit of 2,600 lbs and therefore, you can safely put all ATV models and still have some free room.

Sidenote: I wrote a full guide that shows the best way to fit a UTV in an enclosed trailer. Beware. It’s way more complicated than transportation a regular ATV.

What are the Best Ways to Store an ATV?

Since we are on the topic of safely transporting four-wheelers, I feel that it’s important to also mention storage. No matter if you already own a bunch of ATVs or are eager to buy your first one, knowing the best ways to store them is essential. In general, if you are planning to store an ATV for a long period you should use a personal garage. A shed also works if you happen to have one. Even though the ATV can be stored outdoors, placing it indoors will shelter it from bad weather such as rain and snow that can damage it.

Not everyone has enough room in a garage for their ATVs, believe me I know this too well, and multiple alternative options. The best one is to use storage rental units. They are cheaper than you might think! The average storage united is 5×10 and well-ventilated. You will spend around $250 to $300 for 3 months rent. I actually wrote a dedicated article to ATV storage ideas. I go over every possibility in high detail and you can check it out here.

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