Will ATV Tracks Fit on UTV? (+ what model to choose)

Since side by sides are utility vehicles, many owners want to use them for work all-year-round. Depending on where you live, you might need tracks to handle heavy snow or extremely muddy areas. Today I’ll share with you if the investment is really worth it and tell you if ATV tracks work for UTVs too.

As a general rule, ATV tracks will not fit on a UTV. The main reason behind this is that ATVs and UTVs vary vastly in size. Therefore, tracks that are made to replace ATV tires will not work on an SxS, especially if it has 6 wheels. That being said, there is one company that makes a universal model of tracks that can be transferred from larger ATVs to smaller UTVs. Camso released the X4S tracks with versatility in mind, offering different track kits for each type of off-road vehicle. Keep in mind that this is not a true universal set of tracks, since it cannot be fitted on ATVs smaller than 300cc or UTVs bigger than 700cc.

Size is not the only thing to keep in mind when buying tracks for your UTV. This is why I’ll go into further detail about the ins and outs of tracks, and at the end, I’ll tell you my opinion on which tracks are the best for a side by side.

infographic explaining if ATV tracks will fit on UTVs

Will ATV Tracks Fit on UTV?

standard ATV snow tracks

I understand why everyone is so interested to know if ATV tracks work for UTVs as well. Since they are quite pricey, knowing that you can use them on multiple machines would be a relief. Still, as I’ve already mentioned, there are no tracks that can be universally fitted on both quads and side by sides. You have to buy tracks for side by sides if you want to ride on snowy mountains.

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If you already have ATV tracks and were hoping to quickly fit them to your UTV, then this is not good news, I know. However, if you are just now buying a track system, you can check to see if both your ATV and your UTV fit in the parameters set by Camso for their X4S tracks model. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to use one set of tracks on both. Take into account that you’ll need different installation kits for each vehicle.

You might also want to check out this article I wrote where I highlight the pros nad cons of using ATV tracks. Sometimes, it’s better to have regular wheels, even when riding on snow.

Can You Put Camoplast ATV Tracks on a UTV?

Camoplast is the former name of Camso, a Canadian manufacturer of accessories for various off-road vehicles. If you have heard about their products from OG off-roaders, know that this is the same company that makes the X4S versatile tracks. Therefore, to answer the question – yes, this model of tracks can be fitted on both ATVs and UTVs, depending on their size.

According to the technical specifications of the X4S tracks, they can be fitted on ATVs that have an engine size of 300cc and more. As for UTVs, you will want to get these tracks only if your engine is between 400 and 700cc. For instance, if you have a Kawasaki Brute Force 650 ATV and a CFMOTO Z6 UTV, you will be able to install the X4S tracks on both.

Are Camso Tracks Universal?

Not all Camso tracks are universal. The only tracks from this brand that can be used interchangeably are the X4S track systems, which don’t fit on every ATV and UTV either. Since size is such an important variable with fitting tracks on OHVs, Camso also produces the R4S and T4S models for ATVs and 4S1 for UTVs.

The R4S tracks are ideal for quads under 500cc, while the T4S is made for more powerful ATVs ranging from 300 to 1000cc. For UTVs, Camso created the 4S1 model which works for heavier machines like UTVs ranging from 400 to 1000cc. Together with the versatile X4S track systems, this company covers their bases for all ATVs and UTVs on the market. Unfortunately, these cannot be switched around due to their size.

How Much Do ATV Tracks Cost?

ATV tracks cost between $2500 and $6000. They are quite a pricey investment, but a very durable one as well, as long as you keep up with maintenance. If you live in a swampy area or you experience harsh winters, these accessories will come in handy for getting traction off-road. Since I’m sure you’re curious about the cost for UTV tracks as well, I’ll tell you that these are slightly pricier, with a top price of $600-$800 more than ATV tracks.

The most expensive tracks are the ones from off-road vehicle manufacturers since they are created specifically with certain models in mind. Can-Am and Polaris make tracks for their ATVs and UTVs that range between $3500 and $6500, without including the $300-$700 mounting kit.

Are Tracks on a UTV Worth It?

Tracks on a UTV are worth it if you want to use it for work during winter or on highly rough terrain like rocky trails, sandy dunes, or even swamps. The big advantage of UTV snow tracks is that they give you more ground clearance and better stability, turning your side by side into a small tank ready to take on any challenge. Some disadvantages to bear in mind are the high price point, lower speed when riding, and higher fuel consumption. Depending on your goal, you might find that there are too many downsides and the tracks are not worth it for your situation.

What are the Best Tracks for a Side by Side?

Choosing the best tracks for your side by side comes down to understanding your needs (and your budget, of course). The best UTV tracks depend on what type of riding you want to do. But if I had to choose the best of the best, there is a brand that rises above. I am talking about Camso and its x4s tracks that work for ATVs and UTVs. Here is a breakdown of the features this track system offers.

Presenting the Camso x4s

Right from the start, I want to mention that the Camso 4s1 tracks are known for their superior quality and performance. The manufacturers went above and beyond to ensure that the tracks bring a whole new level of versatility and resilience to your ATV or side by side. The feature that made me pick the Camso x4s as the best tracks for side by sides is the advanced flex-track design. This design ensures that the off-road vehicle benefits from optimal traction regardless of the conditions. To make things even better, the flex-track design reduces vibration and noise, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

I also want to highlight that the Camso x4s features a robust frame and heavy-duty double bearing hub so that it can take on the most challenging terrains. This is why these are the most durable and reliable side by side tracks on the market. The last thing I want to mention about the UTV tracks is that they use an innovative anti-rotation system. The system ensures that the tracks don’t derail when riding on uneven grounds.

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